D’Andra Simmons admits she should’ve handled things differently with former RHOD costar, LeeAnne Locken

RHOD star D'Andra Simmons says she should have handled thing differently with former friend LeeAnne Locken
D’Andra Simmons is having regrets about how she handled things with LeeAnne Locken. Pic credit:Bravo

We witnessed the relationship between D’Andra Simmons and LeeAnne Locken go from sweet to sour on the Real Housewives of Dallas.

But now, D’Andra is admitting that she may not have handled things with her former BFF in the best way.

RHOD is now in its fifth season, but it’s also the first season without LeeAnne.

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The OG left the show after a tumultuous Season 4.

After getting into constant arguments with several of her castmates, but it was her face-off with Kary Brittingham that sealed her fate.

After making several disparaging comments about her Mexican costar Kary Brittingham, the RHOD alum got major backlash from fans.

And after being in the hot seat at the Season 4 reunion, LeeAnne decided to leave the show.

These days, it’s not clear where her relationship stands with her former castmates, but her friendship with D’Andra is not on good footing.

D’Andra Simmons talks rocky relationship with LeeAnne Locken

The Real Housewives of Dallas star sat down for a chat with Entertainment Tonight.

And she dished about her first season on the show without her former BFF LeeAnne Locken.

After ending her relationship with the controversial RHOD alum last season, D’Andra said that she’s been enjoying her time on RHOD without her.

“It definitely freed me up,” said D’Andra about LeeAnne’s exit. “People think I’m angry and severe, and that’s really not who I am…”

She added, ” I get to talk about other things than, you know, LeeAnne and I not getting along, which is great and I think that’s exciting.”

D’Andra regrets about how she handled things

While talking about her rocky relationship with LeeAnne Locken, the Real Housewives of Dallas star made an interesting admission.

“I think the way I handled some of the situations with LeeAnne if I look back I would’ve handled them differently,” confessed D’Andra.

“I would’ve come and said, ‘You hurt my feelings when you talked about the situation with my finances because I was trying to save my business,’ instead of being so angry.”

The Dallas socialite added, “But I was just in a state of shock back then. But you learn throughout this process how to be a better person and my goal was trying to be less reactionary.”

Despite these regrets D’Andra has no intention of mending things with her former friend.

“We do not see eye to eye on several things and I think for me … I just can’t go back to a friendship when things were said about me that were complete lies,” explained the RHOD star.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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