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Dancing with the Stars to return to ABC for an important episode next season

Iman and Daniella on Dancing with the Stars
Iman and Daniella on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

Dancing with the Stars is looking to the future as they move to Disney+ streaming for Season 31.

While the show averaged five million viewers an episode last season, there are over 130 million people subscribed to Disney+ as more and more people are ditching high-priced cable for more affordable streaming options.

However, this also shuts out the people who are handcuffed to the expensive cable TV plans and those who live in areas where bad internet keeps them from switching to streaming.

The good news is that Dancing with the Stars is offering these people one episode next season that they can watch on ABC. It just might not be the right episode.

Dancing with the Stars to air finale on ABC and Disney+

Dancing with the Stars will move to Disney+ streaming, which judge, Derek Hough said is proof that the reality show is still trailblazing and forward-thinking.

For years, people have been cutting the cord to save money and streaming services now provide a cheaper alternative to the overpriced cable TV. Many people can get a streaming service to show local channels for a fraction of the cost and then afford to subscribe to services like Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max, and still pay less.

This means that the streaming services are getting more and more important and networks are realizing they need to look to the future where the younger audiences are gravitating, rather than hold on to services that are becoming antiquated.

However, with shows like Dancing with the Stars, which have an older audience, it is important not to forget about these people who are likely scared to move to the future of streaming or are just unaware of what it all entails.

For those people, Dancing with the Stars is offering one episode next season – and it might be the most important one.

ABC Entertainment & Hulu Originals President Craig Erwich told Variety that there would be a Dancing with the Stars finale tie-in on ABC.

“What I can say is I think you’ll see it be a key priority across all of the Disney ecosystems,” Erwich said. “In the same way we focused the messaging on Abbott Elementary or the synergistic opportunities for the Oscars, I’m sure you’ll see the same thing on Dancing With the Stars.”

DWTS chose to reward fans rather than sell Disney+

There is some thought that this is not the right episode to air if Disney wants people to subscribe to Disney+ to watch Dancing with the Stars.

The TV show Yellowstone, one of the most popular streaming shows on Paramount+, aired the premiere of its spinoff 1883 on the cable network Paramount. It then had the rest of the season on Paramount+ streaming.

Dancing with the Stars could have had the season premiere with all the new dancers air on ABC and then have instructions during the episode on how to subscribe to Disney+ to see the rest of the season.

However, instead of trying to sell Disney+ with a tease on ABC (which is also owned by Disney), they are offering fans the final episode for free, where they can see the three best dancing duos fighting for the Mirrorball trophy.

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to its new home on Disney+ streaming.

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