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Dancing with the Stars reportedly replacing Tyra Banks as host

Tyra Banks hosting Dancing with the Stars
Tyra Banks hosting Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

Dancing with the Stars Season 30 had some great moments, from Iman Shumpert’s surprising win to JoJo Siwa’s first same-sex duo, to Amanda Kloots‘ touching story.

However, many fans on social media couldn’t get past one big problem with the season.

It seems DWTS fans believed that Tyra Banks was taking the focus off the dancers and trying to put it all on herself.

While we previously reported that producers didn’t blame Tyra for the dropping ratings, it looks like they might be making a change anyway and removing her as the host for Season 31.

Dancing with the Stars replacing Tyra Banks?

While Dancing with the Stars producers didn’t blame Tyra Banks for the declining ratings, they might be looking at a way to bring in more fans.

The Sun reports that DWTS is possibly looking for an “A-list” celebrity to replace Tyra Banks as the show’s host.

In Season 30, things got worse when it came to Tyra Banks.

Fans questioned her bizarre costumes and Tyra at one point said she felt it was a good thing because her dresses had people talking about the show. Sadly, people should be talking about the show’s dancers, and many fans said they stopped watching because of Tyra.

It also didn’t help that Tyra tried to talk as much as the judges, which caused her to cut many of the judges off when time ran low.

There is no reason to think an A-list celebrity would be any better.

The reports indicate that the execs and producers, which include Banks, will meet with ABC to “map out 2022.” There are many who feel that Season 30 was Tyra’s last in front of the camera for DWTS.

It sounds like Dancing with the Stars is thinking big and want to find an Oscar, Emmy or Grammy-winning star to come on to replace Tyra.

Dancing with the Stars dancing changes

There will also likely be changes when it comes to the dancers as well.

Usually, the dancers are smaller stars or ones that were famous in the past. This season, there was an attempt to make things fresh by bringing in two teenagers in JoJo Siwa and Suni Lee and another young contestant in Olivia Jade.

In Dancing with the Stars Season 30, producers reportedly want to find “at least one or ideally two major household names that fascinate fans.”

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. It should return in late 2022.