Dancing with the Stars’ Jenna Johnson said JoJo Siwa’s next dance will be special

JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson on Dancing with the Stars
JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

JoJo Siwa has been one of the most successful dancers on Dancing with the Stars Season 30.

She heads the leaderboard, and while JoJo was in the bottom two for one week when The Miz was sent home, she has done great the entire season.

This week, Jenna Johnson has talked about the next dance and said that JoJo will tap into something special for this one.

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Jenna Johnson talks JoJo Siwa this week on Dancing with the Stars

Jenna Johnson was at Vulture Fest in Los Angeles on Saturday and she talked to the crowd there about her Dancing with the Stars experience this weekend.

She then hinted at what fans can expect to see tonight on Dancing with the Stars semifinals round.

“I feel like our word this week is emotion. I don’t feel like we’ve seen necessarily that side [of JoJo]. I feel like you always get to see bubbly, fun, spunky, out there JoJo,” Johnson said.

“We’re tapping into something really personal this week. I’m really excited for everyone to see it.”

There will be two dances this week for Jenna and JoJo.

First up, they will dance contemporary to a piano version of Lewis Capaldi’s Before You Go.

After that, they will get a redemption dance with an argentine tango to Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre) by Gotan Project.

Jenna and JoJo were tied for the lowest scores for this dance, with a 32. Kenya Moore also scored a 32 on the dance.

According to Jenna, she will be leading the dance this week.

“This week I’ll be leading her a little bit. I’m definitely not as good as she is,” Jenna joked

JoJo responded, “No, I’m just not good at being the girl!”

They will be judged by Len Goodman.

“Joelle. Not sure how I can put into words my gratitude for you at this moment,” Jenna wrote on Instagram. “The past 9 weeks have been an absolute dream come true.. but this week especially I saw you transform. You blossomed right before my eyes and shocked me with your heart and commitment.”

Jenna’s caption continued, “We cried, we laughed, we took risks, we’re bruised, but we gave it our all. You’ve literally and metaphorically lifted me up this whole week and I’m forever grateful to be in this moment with you. Thank you for FLYING with me. Lets go soar in the Semi-Finals tonight.”

Jenna and JoJo this season on Dancing with the Stars

JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson lead the scoring boards this season on Dancing with the Stars.

They have 320 total points and an average of 35.5 for the season. Amanda and Alan are in second place with 34.4 and Melora and Artem with 33.7.

JoJo is also the only celeb with two Perfect 40s, picking them up for the jazz and foxtrot.

There are six pairings left this season on Dancing with the Stars and there will be a double elimination tonight, dropping it down to the top four for the final rounds.

Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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