Dancing with the Stars fans have a new reason to hate Tyra Banks after finale

Tyra Banks on Dancing with the Stars
Tyra Banks on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

Dancing with the Stars fans have been angry about how Tyra Banks hosts the show since she replaced Tom Bergeron last season.

Throughout Season 30 of the hit reality dancing show, Tyra has given people more reasons to complain.

Between her runway walking and crazy outfits, many fans feel she is purposefully taking the focus away from the dancers and trying to place it on herself.

Tyra even made comments earlier this season that she wants people talking about the show the next day, even if it means they are talking about her outfits. That made many people feel that Tyra wanted to be what people were talking about instead of the dancers.

Then, in the Season 30 finale, Tyra did one last thing this season that upset fans.

She made sure the focus at the end of the show, when she announced the winners, stayed on her until the credits started to roll, and left no time for fans to celebrate with Iman Shumpert.

Tyra Banks ends DWTS Season 30 with herself talking

The Dancing with the Stars Season 30 finale was going to be historical no matter what.

Either the first same-sex couple in DWTS history would win or the first basketball player would win, a huge moment based on the height differential.

Fans who have supported the dancers waited to hear the winner. Tyra opened the envelope and paused. She looked at the results and then gave a long dramatic pause. Tyra then squealed out in glee and said that the winner was Iman Shumpert.

By the time she got around to saying the winner, the credits were rolling and as people rushed over to Iman, the show ended.

Dancing with the Stars fans blast Tyra Banks for finale

Dancing with the Stars fans who wanted to see the winners celebrate or hear what they had to say about the win were robbed of that moment.

There was no Mirrorball celebration on the show and fans blamed Tyra for stringing the announcement out long enough so Iman couldn’t say anything.

“All of us were robbed of watching a mirror ball celebration and Iman interview thanks to Tyra. Way to go,” @mmtexas wrote on Twitter. “More mirror ball time, less Tyra time.”

Others questioned why Tyra took so long to reveal the winner’s name, seeing her hold the drama as the credits started to roll.

Many vocal DWTS fans online have wanted Tyra gone all season, and this gave many of them the ammunition they needed.

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. Season 31 should return to ABC late in 2022.

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2 years ago

I havent watched much of this years show. I just cannot tolerate Tyra. When I watched the finale I fast forwarded through tyras ramblings. Brin back Tom who brought so much fun to the show!