Dancing with the Stars fans bash Tyra Banks over Janet Jackson interview

Tyra Banks dressed as Janet Jackson on Dancing with the Stars
Tyra Banks dressed as Janet Jackson on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

This week saw Dancing with the Stars honor Janet Jackson with the dances using her songs for the different performances.

Unlike Britney Spears, who refused to cameo on the show when DWTS honored her, Janet Jackson agreed to come on the show, but it ended up an awkward situation.

Janet appeared via video to talk to Tyra Banks, and many fans felt that the DWTS host was trying to make it all about her once again.

Tyra Banks embarrasses Janet Jackson on Dancing with the Stars

As she does with all the themed episodes, Tyra Banks came out dressed like Janet Jackson for the episode.

She then interviewed Janet, who seemed grateful that Dancing with the Stars used her music in the episode.

However, after paying a compliment to Jackson, Tyra went off about how she and Janet are friends and hung out together before.

“I remember going to your concerts and seeing you on stage,” Tyra said, mentioning that Janet was always energetic in her concerts.

Then, Tyra started boasting about their friendship, like she is prone to do on the show.

“And after the show, you were like, ‘ok Tyra let’s go, get something to eat’,” Tyra exclaimed. “And I am just like ‘wait, it’s like two people, talk about that’.”

Janet Jackson didn’t seem to realize this was coming and seemed put off by the comments.

“I don’t know, you’re embarrassing me,” Janet said.

Fans bash Tyra Banks after DWTS episode

Fans on social media noticed immediately that Tyra Banks was bragging about hanging out with Janet Jackson and once again putting the attention on her instead of the dancers on the show.

It started with Tyra’s weekly habit of dressing up like the theme, in this case, Janet Jackson.

“‘Can we do a Janet Jackson tribute so I can dress up like Janet Jackson & get attention?’ – Tyra Bank’s Ego,” wrote Hollywood Exposed on Twitter.

“Of course Tyra comes out dressed as a bargain bin Janet Jackson,” wrote Baron Van Awesome.

Tyra tweet
Pic credit: @CappyD/Twitter

Then people got to her self-promotional interview.

“It took Tyra about 10 seconds to ruin Janet Jackson night with awkward moves and an awful interview,” Roman Holloway wrote.

“No one cares about your personal relationship with Janet, Tyra,” wrote Caitlin James.

Tyra tweet 2
Pic credit: @cait_elliott/Twitter

Next week is the semifinals on Dancing with the Stars, so there is no telling what Tyra Banks will do this time around.

Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 year ago

I haven’t liked the show at ALL since Tyra Banks came on!! I can’t stand her voice, her always having to be the center of attention, her commentary, her insulting comments to judges & contestants and stupid, stupid questions to the dancers. They need to get rid of her!!!

1 year ago

Not a Tyra fan, she’s all about her. So annoying.