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Dancing with the Stars’ Carrie Ann Inaba: Derek Hough as a judge causes problems

Dancing with the Stars Season 30 judges
Dancing with the Stars Season 30 judges. Pic credit: ABC

Last season, Len Goodman sat out of his role as a Dancing With the Stars judge and Derek Hough replaced him at the judge’s table.

Len sat out because of COVID-19, knowing that he was high risk because of his age and pre-existing health problems, including a cancer diagnosis.

Why did Derek Hough join Dancing with the Stars?

However, Len returned for Dancing with the Stars Season 30, and Derek stuck around too.

This has caused some problems, including the confusing tiebreaker where Len’s vote wins out if it is 2-2. This has angered many fans this season, who don’t understand the term “tiebreaker,” since it doesn’t accurately describe the situation.

However, when asked about Derek as a judge, Carrie Ann Inaba has strong feelings that his addition as a fourth judge has caused other problems.

Carrie Ann Inaba complains about Derek Hough on Dancing with the Stars

Carrie Ann Inaba spoke to TV Insider about adding a fourth judge this year to the Dancing with the Stars panel.

Before getting into her problems, Inaba did mention that it was nice to have Derek there because it gives them more expertise at the table.

Hough is a lot like Bruno at the table, enthusiastic when talking to the dancers and not quite as technically nitpicky as Carrie Ann and Len.

However, Carrie Ann feels that Derek brings a huge problem to the show, and this is a problem many fans have noticed as well.

“The one thing that’s more challenging with four of us is that I don’t have the same allotted amount of time to speak [after the couples dance],” Carrie Ann said. “I don’t always get to say all I want to say.”

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Fans have noticed that Tyra Banks is often cutting off the judges, which means they don’t get to give all their thoughts on the dance. While many blame Tyra for wanting to get in her comments, as well, Carrie Ann feels the problem is having four judges talking.

“I give contestants advice on what to work on for next week. Sometimes, I don’t feel I can get to it as eloquently as I’d like,” Carrie Ann said. “I don’t get to [deliver] the compliments along with what to work on. It’s because of time.”

“I think the couples want to hear how they can improve, so I try to get to that part right away.”

Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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  1. It’s bad enough Tyra Banks took over and she’s awful. Love Derek as judge, it’s time for Len Goodman to go back home and retire. I hope his health is better but him as a tie breaker is a big mess. I want Tom back,so funny and especially professional. I quit watching and won’t again as if you care. Never missed it and now one of the best pros is leaving😥 ABC you screwed up again!!!!!

  2. All DWTS have four judges. If they should have three judges than they should let Carrie Ann go. They should have Tyra speak as much as Tom did; talks too much for this type of show. We don’t want to hear all those questions she askes the celebrities after their dances. Its wasted time. Its like the producers do not understand the concept of the show. Its more important that we hear critiques from the judges, than her. Tyra should be like background music.

  3. Len being a head judge which is also like a president of a bank. Four ppl vote if its a tie, its like the president of the bank makes the final decision. For heaven sake this is a reality show.

  4. DWTS is a mess anymore, Len needs to move on and so does CarrieAnn, they have been on here too long. need to replace them about every couple yrs and get new judges. Bruno and Derek and add to more new ones. They need to do something about the runway person, If she walked normal, she would probably fall on her nose. They need to tell her the show isn’t about her.



  5. Here’s are some options….
    Get rid of Tyra and bring back Tom.
    Keep three judges (Len, Derek and Bruno) and get rid of Carrie Ann who is so evidently jealous of so many people (Derek, the pro dancers and some stars)!

  6. Maybe she needs to just stick to the point then. The judges talk too much. People want to see the dancers and dancing, not the judges jumping up and down and “performing”


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