Da Brat and Jhonni Blaze come face to face in this Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta exclusive

Da Brat and Jhonni Blaze come together on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta
Da Brat and Jhonni Blaze come together on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. Pic credit: WEtv

Things get tense this week on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta when Da Brat and Jhonni Blaze sit down and have a conversation about why Jhonni is having a hard time getting people to work with her.

It turns out that the two women have a lot in common. They’re both very talented and both of them have dealt with lost opportunities in the entertainment business.

It’s no secret that Da Brat has a bit of a reputation, or at least did for years. She even spent some time in jail after pleading guilty to her role in a bar fight back in 2008. That wasn’t even her first time having to deal with the court system because of her behavior in the clubs.

So when it comes to reputation rehab, Da Brat is definitely someone to turn to for advice, and she had plenty of it for Jhonni Blaze.

Da Brat gives Jhonni Blaze some much-needed advice

It’s no secret that Jhonni is a talent. She can sing and play piano like it’s nobody’s business so why isn’t she getting more offers and projects offered up? It turns out that it’s because a lot of people in the industry just don’t want to work with her.

Jhonni Blaze has also earned herself a reputation and as she discusses in this exclusive Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta clip, she’s losing out on valuable projects because of it.

Jhonni is seen in tears as Da Brat tells her everything that she needs to hear. “We’ve all been through s**t. You don’t know what I’ve been through. Mother f**kers didn’t wanna work with me because of my temper and my attitude. I lost a lot of opportunities from that prison s**t. A lot of good ones. And I can’t do nothing but prove to people that I’m different,” Da Brat explained.

Jhonni shot back that she doesn’t judge people based on their past but Da Brat explains that other people do, and now, she needs to prove herself if she wants to be given chances in the industry.

Jhonni Blaze wants to change

Jhonni Blaze is beyond emotional as Da Brat deals out some real talk about why she’s not getting the opportunities that she deserves with the amount of talent that she has.

She seems to understand that, in order to move forward, she has to change the way she acts and reacts toward others. It’s no secret that Jhonni has been through a lot in a short amount of time. But if she wants to be successful, she has to move past all of that.

Will Jhonni be able to work through the years of trauma and come out a better person on the other side? Make sure to tune in to Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta tonight and see how this plays out.

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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