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Viral pictures of ‘Da Brat modelling in a Chanel swimsuit’ aren’t of her and here’s the proof

Da Brat at The 2016 VH1 Hip Hop Honors: All Hail The Queens.
Da Brat isn’t the one wearing that swimsuit! Pic credit: ©

Da Brat has been trending due to some sexy photos which are said to be of her wearing a Chanel swimsuit, and which nearly broke the internet. The problem is, it’s not really her and, what’s more, it’s happened before.

This time around, the photos claimed to be of Da Brat show a model posing in a tiny Chanel bikini. And while she’s probably flattered that so many people think it’s really her, it was quickly made clear that this is not Da Brat in the photos.

The Shade Room shared the photos from Instagram and pointed out the resemblance between the model and Da Brat but linked back to the photographer who snapped the shots. It turns out that so many people thought it was Da Brat that the photographer’s Facebook post has now gone viral and he’s even considering shooting some lookalike photos on purpose.

The photographer also took the time to tag the real model, who is not Da Brat, and comment on how much they resemble each other as Aaron Leilo does have quite a few similarities to the multi-talented star.

‘Da Brat swimsuit photos’ trended before but it was actually Cavetta Porch

This story has actually trended before, except the Da Brat lookalike was a different model and the swimsuit was different too. A little more than two years ago, Da Brat cleared things up on Dish Nation about another model in a sexy swimsuit that many people thought was her.

The model that time around was Cavetta Porch, though we can see how people were confused.

When Porsha Williams brought up the trending swimsuit photo on Dish Nation, Da Brat was quick to point out which facial features prove that she and Cavetta are, in fact, not the same person.

“That is not me!” Da Brat argued. “Look at the nose, that nose does something different than mine. Her bottom lip is bigger than my bottom lip. Like, she needs to take them shades off and she’s hiding under all that hair. Then you’ll see she really ain’t gonna look like me.”

Apparently, there are at least a few beautiful women out there who look a lot like Da Brat but, so far, the swimsuit photos that have been circulating are not hers.