Colt Johnson speaks on Larissa Lima and Jess Caroline’s recent fallout, says their friendship was ‘a bit odd’

90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson.
90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson says he finds the friendship between his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend “a bit odd” after hearing of their falling out. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson may have moved on from his relationships with both his ex-wife Larissa Lima, and ex-girlfriend Jess Caroline, but the drama doesn’t ever quite seem to end.

During a recent chat with Us Weekly, Colt admitted he found the friendship that blossomed between the two women “a bit odd” but says he doesn’t keep up with either of them.

Colt wasn’t aware of Larissa and Jess’ falling out

During his talk with Us Weekly’s Christina Garibaldi, Colt was asked to weigh in with his thoughts surrounding Larissa and Jess’ falling out.

It’s up in the air whose relationship with Colt was more disastrous. However, simply being in a relationship with Colt seemed to be the catalyst for a quick friendship between Larissa and Jess.

The two seemed to bond over their mutual disdain for Colt and their friendship quickly reached BFF status – or so it seemed.

However, that quickly ended when Larissa lashed out at Jess on Instagram after the Brazilian red-head apparently uploaded racy pics of the two women to her Only Fans account without Larissa’s consent.

Of course, it didn’t stop there. Larissa also claimed that Jess had agreed to pick her up after one of her many cosmetic procedures, but ultimately stood her up. She apparently spent hours attempting to contact Jess, but she never showed up.

“You know, we talked about Jess before, but it seems like Jess and Larissa are no longer friends. I mean, what do you think about their falling out?” Christina asked.

It seemed to be news to Colt, who looked rather surprised at hearing his two exes had had a falling out.

“Oh, I had no idea they had a falling out,” he replied. “Honestly, I don’t really keep track of their lives. But, I mean I don’t know why they even became friends in the first place.”

Colt calls Larissa and Jess’ friendship ‘a bit odd’

When Christina asked Colt if the friendship “seemed strange” to him, he shared that he never really understood what the women had in common.

“Yeah, I think that was a bit odd. But, I mean if they were able to bond over something, you know, even like, you know, me I guess then good for them,” he shrugged.

Colt also admitted that he doesn’t keep in touch with Jess, saying that the last time the two spoke was at the 90 Day Fiance Tell All.

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