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Colt Johnson doubles down with his mailing address and an Amazon wish list

Colt Johnson on 90 Day Fiance
Colt wants Christmas presents too. Pic credit: TLC

Keeping with the theme of 90 Day Fiance cast members sharing their addresses just in time for the holidays, Colt Johnson has stepped up.

Not only is he sharing his mailing address, but the Season 6 star also put his Amazon wish list out there in case TLC viewers want to buy him a Christmas present.

Robert Springs and Paul Staehle have already shared their address over the past few days and now, it looks like Colt Johnson also wants to get into the gift-getting action.

In his Instagram stories, Colt shared a photo of mailboxes with his address and the message, “Send me mail.”

Colt Johnson's address
Colt Johnson shared his mailing address. Pic credit: @savagecoltj/Instagram

Then, Colt went a step farther in case 90 Day Fiance fans are at a loss as to what he might want to receive. In another post to his Instagram stories, Colt shared a screenshot of his Amazon wish list showing a chess set that he’d really like to have.

“Want to bestow upon me a gift? Heavens to Betsy!” Colt wrote.

Colt Johnson's Amazon wish list
Colt has an Amazon wish list so 90 Day Fiance fans will know exactly what he wants. Pic credit: @savagecoltj/Instagram

It’s not clear if 90 Day Fiance fans were just dying to know Colt Johnson’s address or not. He didn’t add any claims that people were messaging him about it as Robert and Paul did.

It looks like Colt’s Amazon wish list isn’t new. The chess set that he’s had his eye on has actually been on the list since August and so far, it doesn’t look like anyone has purchased it for him.

It’s under $20 though so it wouldn’t be too surprising if some 90 Day Fiance fan out there actually did.

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Who will be next to share their address in hopes of receiving gifts from the 90 Day Fiance audience?

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