Cody Calafiore picks Big Brother 23 winner, reveals which members of The Cookout have no chance

Derek F And Azah On BB23
Cody Calafiore doesn’t think Derek F or Azah can become the Big Brother 23 winner. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 winner Cody Calafiore has weighed in on the BB23 cast and he has picked out the members of The Cookout that he feels stand the best chance at becoming the Big Brother 23 winner this summer.

Cody was participating in a new live chat on his Twitch stream when the topic of the current season came up. He spoke about a range of topics, including his belief that if Derek Xiao is on the block at the August 26 Eviction Ceremony that he is going straight to the BB23 jury house.

As CBS viewers found out during the August 25 episode of Big Brother, Derek X is indeed on the block in a backdoor scheme by Sarah Beth Steagall and Kyland Young. Rather than listening to the show producers he hinted were urging him to play for safety, Derek X felt he could save his BB Bucks this week.

If Derek X is evicted from the house this week, that would leave just nine members of the BB23 cast competing for the $750,000. And six of those people are members of The Cookout alliance. They are Tiffany Mitchell, Hannah Chaddha, Derek Frazier, Azah Awasum, Kyland Young, and Xavier Prather.

Who will become the Big Brother 23 winner?

Cody Calafiore is predicting that Xavier Prather will be the Big Brother 23 winner this summer. He thinks that Xavier is playing a really strong game and that he is a competition beast. Cody then took the time to rank the likelihood of someone else emerging as the winner this summer.

Tiffany was the second likeliest to win, according to Cody, followed by Hannah and then Kyland. He then clarified that Derek F and Azah were tied at a distant fifth on the list without any real shot at winning the game. Based on their competition performances thus far, Cody might be right in that assessment of Derek F and Azah.

Big Brother 2021 season starting to wind down

We are just about one month away from the Big Brother 2021 season coming to an end. This season is going to be a bit shorter than past seasons with 16 houseguests due to the two-week quarantine that was necessary to put in place before the BB23 cast reveal.

There have been a few changes to the Big Brother 23 schedule, and that includes what might be a day set aside for a Triple Eviction. Sending three people to the BB23 jury house on the same night would make for some exciting television. It also might force some members of The Cookout to turn on each other without time to think through their moves.

Before a Triple Eviction even comes up, though, the houseguests may have to deal with the Coin of Destiny this weekend.

Here are the updated BB Bucks totals in the Big Brother house, but there is likely one more America’s Vote before the High Roller’s Room opens up again.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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