Big Brother BB Bucks totals hint at who can play for Coin of Destiny

Alyssa Used BB Bucks On BB23
Alyssa Lopez used some BB Bucks to get a special power on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother BB Bucks totals will play an important part in the game over the next week, as anyone who makes it to 250 BB Bucks will be able to play for the Coin of Destiny.

The Big Brother Coin of Destiny is the third power that is going to emerge from the High Roller’s Room. This power gives a houseguest the chance to overthrow the Head of Household with the flip of a coin.

Saving up 250 BB Bucks hasn’t been easy, especially with the temptations that were out there for the first two games. Spending 50 BB Bucks to play in the Veto Derby or 125 BB Bucks for the roulette challenge depleted the numbers for some people.

Heading into the third week of the game, there actually aren’t a lot of people who might be able to play for the Coin of Destiny, but one houseguest played it really smart by claiming they spent money when they actually didn’t (Hannah pretended she played roulette).

Big Brother spoilers: How many BB Bucks does everyone have left?

Below is the amount of BB Bucks that each member of the BB23 cast has left as of today. Unless more BB Bucks are offered than usual this time around, it looks like only a few people will have the chance to compete for the Coin of Destiny. Maybe production will let people share their BB Bucks?

Be aware that these BB Bucks totals include some spoilers that emerged from the Veto Competition.

  • Derek Xiao: 200 BB Bucks left
  • Hannah Chadda: 150 BB Bucks left
  • Xavier Prather: 0 BB Bucks left (lost them all through Power of Veto punishment)
  • Derek Frazier*: 250 BB Bucks left (spent 50 BB Bucks on Veto Derby) *Big D also won 100 BB Bucks at POV*
  • Alyssa Lopez: 0 BB Bucks left (spent 125 BB Bucks on Chopping Block Roulette)
  • Azah Awasum: 100 BB Bucks left
  • Tiffany Mitchell: 75 BB Bucks left (spent 50 BB Bucks on Veto Derby)
  • Claire Rehfuss: 100 BB Bucks left (spent 50 BB Bucks on Veto Derby)
  • Sarah Beth Steagall: 50 BB Bucks left (spent 50 BB Bucks on Veto Derby)
  • Kyland Young: 50 BB Bucks left (spent 50 BB Bucks on Veto Derby)

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