Big Brother 21 alum gets engaged at the Eiffel Tower

Christie On BB21
Christie Murphy played as a member of the Big Brother 21 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Christie Murphy from Big Brother 21 just got engaged to her girlfriend Jamie in Paris. The couple had been together since 2020 and are taking the next step in their relationship.

It was during the summer of 2019 that Big Brother fans first got to know Christie Murphy as she became a member of the BB21 cast.

Within the Big Brother house, there was a bit of a twist, as it turned out that Christie knew fellow houseguest Tommy Bracco. They tried to keep that relationship a secret for most of the season.

Christie ended up finishing in sixth place during Big Brother 21 and as a member of the jury, she voted for Jackson Michie to become the winner.

A proposal at Eiffel Tower

On the night of the big event, Christie shared a lot of quick videos and images to her Instagram Stories.

“Look at where we just got engaged,” Christie says in one of the videos as she pulls Jamie toward her and shows off her new ring.

Christire BB21 Engaged
Christie Murphy shows off her new engagement ring. Pic credit: @Christie.Murph/Instagram

In successive videos, Christie notes that Jamie is very shy as the couple continued to celebrate their big day.

Christie And Jamie BB21 Engaged
Christie and Jamie got engaged. Pic credit: @Christie.Murph/Instagram

The relationship between Christie and Jamie moved pretty quickly. It was just about a month ago when Christie was expressing how lucky she was to have met Jamie. Now, the couple is talking by The Louvre Museum and loving a beautiful hotel suite as they enjoy the date of a lifetime in Paris, France.

“I’ll never get over the fact that I found someone who not only tolerates me, but LOVES ME as much as you do! ?. Just so we’re clear… I’M THE LUCKY ONE,” Christie wrote in a post last month.

More news from the world of Big Brother

It wasn’t too long ago that fellow BB21 houseguest Nick Maccarone revealed that he is going to be a dad. He also shared his big news on social media and received a lot of love from people who have been on the show over the years.

Recently, quite a few members of the Big Brother 21 cast got together to celebrate the beginning of a new season of the show. It’s fun to see that so many of them are still friends even a few years after they appeared on television together.

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