Big Brother recap: Harsh punishments, Power of Veto results revealed

SB And Alyssa BB23
The Big Brother 23 cast put together baskets for The Red Cross during Episode 21. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother Season 23, Episode 21 began with a look back at Sarah Beth Steagall becoming the Head of Household for Week 7. She had Kyland Young in her ear for most of it, but it was now time to find out what happened at the Veto Competition.

Sarah Beth nominated Derek Frazier and Claire Rehfuss for eviction this week. Then, Alyssa Lopez won the special power in the High Roller’s Room, and she used it to save Derek F from the block. The roulette wheel decided that Xavier Prather would become the replacement nominee.

At the end of the last episode of Big Brother, Sarah Beth apologized to America as her plan was to send Derek Xiao home. He wouldn’t be going home, though, as the BB23 jury has already started forming. But we knew what she meant.

Would Sarah Beth be able to put her plan to backdoor Derek into action? Or would the Veto Competition thwart her plans to have him join Britini D’Angelo in the jury house? Let’s find out.

Big Brother Season 23, Episode 21 recap

Alyssa had the first Diary Room session of the night, where she talked about feeling bad about Xavier being on the block. She was worried that he would be going home, but he was always good to be safe as a member of The Cookout. Still, Xavier was frustrated because he had a goal of never getting nominated this summer.

Claire was shown in a DR session as well, and it appeared she had some hope of X getting voted out over her because he is a big physical threat. But, again, Claire was battling against The Cookout alliance here.

Alyssa met with Sarah Beth, and SB told her all about the plan to put DX up as the primary target for the week. Alyssa was very happy because she was still angry about DX sending Christian Birkenberger home earlier in the season.

Veto Competition: Time for the POV punishments and rewards

Ahead of the Veto Competition, Derek X spoke with Sarah Beth, where he tried to get a feel for who her target was during the week. He left the conversation feeling like he was the one going up. As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Derek X already said on the Big Brother live feeds that he made a mistake not playing for the powers.

When they picked players to join in on the Veto Competition, Sarah Beth drew Azah Awasum, Claire drew Derek F, and Xavier drew Alyssa. It meant Derek X could not play for the Power of Veto and he expressed his dismay in a DR session. Claire was then shown crying during a DR session because she thought she knew Derek X was getting evicted.

In the Veto Competition, the players were allowed to play for prizes or punishments. They did it solo, with nobody else watching, so it afforded them the opportunity to do anything they wanted in there. The challenge itself involved setting up rows of oversized dominos and having them get knocked down in order.

The fastest time getting their dominos to work would lead to either punishments or prizes. Winning the Power of Veto required going for punishments. Alyssa, Azah, Sarah Beth, Xavier, and Claire played for the Power of Veto. Derek F played for the prizes.

Big D won 100 BB Bucks and $7,500 by going for the prizes. Here is the updated list of how many BB Bucks each person has now.

He got his dominos to fall the fastest and Xavier won the Power of Veto.

Punishments for Xavier Prather

For winning the Power of Veto, Xavier lost all of his BB Bucks, he will be the third nominee next week (unless he wins Head of Household), and he would have to go into Solitary Confinement for a 24-hour period.

Sarah Beth was also shown saying “America can wipe their butt with the BB Bucks. They don’t give them to me anyways.”

Claire cried a lot in the shower after the Power of Veto results were revealed. During the episode, we also saw Tiffany say in a DR session that she wants to keep DX from going home this week. Later, Tiffany told Claire that she needed to be strong. A narrative was created where Tiffany wanted to keep DX and Claire in the house. But that would mean turning on The Cookout.

Wrapping up Episode 21 of Big Brother 23

Later in the episode, the BB23 cast participated in putting together baskets of goods for The Red Cross. It was a moment to express how important The Red Cross is within the country and how donations can help out a lot of people.

Derek X was shown telling Sarah Beth that she should put Hannah Chaddha on the block next to Claire. He knew Hannah would be safe, but he told Sarah Beth that Hannah would be the one going home.

At the Veto Ceremony, Xavier took himself off the block. Sarah Beth then named Derek Xiao as the replacement nominee.

That brings an end to the Big Brother 23, Episode 21 recap. During the August 26 episode of Big Brother 23, it will be either Derek X or Claire heading to the BB23 jury house.

For anyone who missed it, Azah is mad at America over the BB Bucks.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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