Big Brother live feeds update: Azah mad at America over BB Bucks

Azah Playing BB23
Azah Awasum wants some BB Bucks from Big Brother 23 viewers. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds continue to feature Azah Awasum speaking to America about what is going on inside the house. During another recent one-on-one session with a camera in the house, Azah expressed her disdain for how America has been deciding on which houseguest gets the most BB Bucks.

As a reminder of how America’s Vote has worked this summer, each time the voting process opens, fans can vote up to ten times for their favorite player(s) to get the most BB Bucks. The three highest vote-getters have received 100 BB Bucks, the next three have received 75 BB Bucks, and everyone else got 50 BB Bucks.

We have referred to those instances in the past tense because it’s possible that the amounts change when the third incarnation of America’s Vote comes up later this week. And that’s where Azah wants America to give her 100 BB Bucks (or more) instead of the low amount that she has received, thus far.

During the first two weeks of the BB Bucks, Azah has received 50 each time. She now has 100 BB Bucks to her name, but in order to play for the Coin of Destiny, she will need to find a way to bump that total up to 250 BB Bucks in the next few days.

Azah scolds America on Big Brother 23

“I got a bone to pick with y’all. Why y’all aint giving me money? Why? I didnt do nothing. If y’all think about me the same way that you think about Kyland and SB, we have a problem cause I dont like them either. Y’all shouldnt be putting me down with them in the 50s,” Azah reportedly said on the live feeds, as relayed by BB Updates.

This underscores Azah’s frustration with the BB Bucks, but it should also tip her off that a lot of viewers haven’t exactly enjoyed watching her lay around on the Big Brother live feeds for nearly the entire summer. Fans want to see some action, and even the fans who enjoy watching her on the show would rather give BB Bucks to someone ready to make a bold game move.

Spoilers: Possible Big Brother drama coming on the feeds soon

Xavier Prather will begin his Power of Veto punishment on Wednesday evening. This is when things could get interesting, as some of the houseguests want to work on swinging the eviction vote while Xavier is out of the way. Not only could that provide some entertainment while he is off-screen, but it could also lead to some distrust when he returns which creates some additional drama.

We are getting down to the final weeks of the Big Brother 2021 summer season, so moves and sub-alliances are becoming extremely important. The Cookout is still running things, which means they will get to dictate who joins Britini D’Angelo in the BB23 jury house. But who will that be? Stay tuned.

Also, a Big Brother 23 schedule change hints at a Triple Eviction. That would mean three houseguests get sent to the jury on the same night. It would be a lot of fun for the CBS audience to watch take place.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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