Big Brother recap: Sarah Beth’s nominees, BB Bucks revealed

Sarah Beth HOH Room BB23
Sarah Beth Steagall had control of the Big Brother 23 house as the Head of Household. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23, Episode 20 began with a recap of Britini D’Angelo going to the BB23 jury house and then Sarah Beth Steagall winning the Head of Household Competition.

As soon as Sarah Beth started celebrating, Kyland Young was in her ear telling her who he wanted on the block. His first recommendation was Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss.

Members of The Cookout were scrambling a bit, with Tiffany Mitchell saying in a Diary Room session she was worried about getting nominated. Xavier Prather and Derek Frazier also expressed worries to each other.

When Derek X spoke, he said he felt “very lukewarm about Sarah Beth being HOH” and then he was shown speaking with Alyssa Lopez, where Alyssa said there was no point to feel safe this week with the roulette wheel in play.

Big Brother recap: Season 23, Episode 20

Chats about the Chopping Block Roulette Wheel came up a lot. The way that power in the High Roller’s Room worked was that the winner would get to save someone from the block and then a roulette wheel would decide the replacement nominee.

To play for that second power came with a cost of 125 BB Bucks. It meant nobody had enough money yet, but with the results of another America’s Vote coming in, everyone left in the game would receive more funds.

Sarah Beth asked Alyssa to play for the power if she was kept off the block. And Alyssa volunteered to spend her BB Bucks to do it.

Elsewhere, Derek X was chatting with Claire and started putting the pieces together about The Cookout, but he couldn’t convince himself or Claire that it was real.

Baby D, Alyssa, and Xavier were the three people that Sarah Beth told Kyland that she was most worried about. That was when Kyland started manipulating Sarah Beth to do what he wanted.

Sarah Beth’s Nomination Ceremony

At the Nomination Ceremony, Sarah Beth nominated Derek Frazier and Claire Rehfuss for eviction. She said in a DR session that neither one was going to be her real target for the week.

Tiffany was then shown in a DR session where she expressed that she doesn’t want Claire to go home.

Hannah was speaking with Derek X, where she manipulated him a bit to not really play for the power. He was also worried about not being able to play the Coin of Destiny next week, which costs 250 BB Bucks on its own.

More BB Bucks and High Roller’s Room

Claire received 100 BB Bucks this week but couldn’t play the new game.

Azah Awasum received 50 more BB Bucks to give her 100 total.

Hannah received 75 BB Bucks to give her a total of 150. She said she did not want to play the new game.

Xavier received 75 more BB Bucks and now has 150 BB Bucks total. He didn’t play the game.

Sarah Beth received 50 BB Bucks and banked it.

Tiffany received 50 more BB Bucks and now has a total of 75. She banked it all.

Alyssa received 75 BB Bucks and had a total of 125 BB Bucks. She decided to play Chopping Block Roulette. She played a game where the highest score would get to use the power. Nobody else played for the power, so she ended up winning it.

Kyland received 50 BB Bucks and he passed on playing the game.

Derek Frazier received 100 BB Bucks and now has 150 BB Bucks. He banked his money for now.

Derek Xiao got 100 BB Bucks from America again. He then had 200 BB Bucks to spend. Derek X decided to bank it all.

Chopping Block Roulette results

Alyssa Lopez won the second power. She decided to save Derek Frazier from the block. The roulette wheel was spun and Xavier Prather became the new nominee on the block next to Claire Rehfuss.

That brings us to the end of Big Brother 23, Episode 20, with the next new episode focusing on what happened at the Veto Competition.

For anyone who wants to read ahead, we have a summary of all the Big Brother spoilers from the week here – which includes who won the Power of Veto.

Big Brother news outside of the house

Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina said Sarah Beth “has worms for brains” as she watched the week play out on the live feeds.

And when he saw what went on with the Veto Competition, Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur proposed a change to the Power of Veto.

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