Clayton Echard encourages women to shoot their shot with single brother Nate Echard  

Nate Echard
Clayton Echard found love, and now he wants his brother Nate to find love too. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard’s recent photo with his brother Nate Echard had some fans swooning. 

As Clayton sets off to move in with girlfriend Susie Evans, he posted a sweet message about his former roommate/brother Nate. 

Some fans commented on their attraction to Nate, and Clayton appeared to be all for the ladies shooting their shot. 

Clayton Echard’s followers express attraction to Nate Echard 

Clayton posted a photo with his brother Nate on Instagram as the two smiled with Nate’s arm placed warmly around his big brother. 

In the post’s caption, Clayton wrote, “Here’s to hoping my next roommate is half as cool as the lil bro has been.” 

Clayton tagged Susie Evans in the post with a winking emoji since she is the “next roommate” he referenced. 

Fans were intrigued by Nate after seeing the photo, and they were especially curious if Clayton’s little brother was single and looking for a new roommate. 

One fan wrote, “Is he single by chance??” and Clayton responded, “yep!” 

Another interested commenter wrote, “does this mean he’s looking for a new roomie cause hi.” 

Clayton encouraged the commenter, writing, “shoot your shot!” 

Clayton Echard's comment section
Pic credit: @claytonechard/Instagram

Other remarks that flooded Clayton’s comments section included, “But does he need a roommate?” “I’ll take the brother,” and “double date????? brother is hot.” 

Clayton responded to each of the comments with support, writing replies like, “he will have an open room here soon!” “he’s all yours if you can tame him! Many have tried,” and “he’s single so go for it.” 

Another commenter wanted The Bachelor Season 26 star Teddi Wright to give Nate a chance after Teddi revealed one of Clayton’s brothers reached out to her. 

Clayton Echard's comment sectiion
Pic credit: @claytonechard/Instagram

Clayton Echard reveals what happened after his brother messaged Teddi Wright

During the Women Tell All this season, Teddi Wright dropped some surprising news when she shared that one of Clayton’s two brothers had DMed her. 

Teddi didn’t disclose which brother messaged her, which led fans to speculate on whether Clayton’s brother Nate or Patrick was the culprit. 

Clayton confirmed which brother was behind the message in his comment section. 

A fan asked, “Any update on Teddi and him? Or wrong brother?” 

Clayton responded, “that’s my other brother!” 

After declaring that Patrick sent Teddi the DM, Clayton revealed what happened afterward, and it wasn’t much. 

Clayton shared, “But no update. It was a harmless DM that didn’t go anywhere!” 

Clayton Echard's comment section
Pic credit: @claytonechard/Instagram

Clayton’s growing platform could help Nate get a date as many commenters seem interested in The Bachelor leads little brother. 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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