The Bachelor star Clayton Echard has two brothers, Nate and Patrick — Here’s what we know

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard has two brothers, Nate and Patrick. Pic credit: ABC

America’s current Bachelor, Clayton Echard, is down to his final episode, which will air on Monday night, but the ending is up in the air, as viewers have no idea what is going to happen.

Luckily for Clayton, he has had the support of his family through this process. His parents have been there for him, as well as his two younger brothers, Nate and Patrick.

After Teddi Wright’s revelation to Bachelor Nation on Monday night’s Women Tell All, fans became more curious about Clayton’s brothers and wanted to know more about them.

What Bachelor Nation needs to know about Clayton’s brothers Nate and Patrick

Clayton has talked about the brother he currently lives with Arizona and how that brother has helped him cope with the aftermath of this journey and kept it light by joking around with him about it.

That brother is Nate, and he is a former rugby player and the middle child of the family. Nate worked at the same company as Clayton (before Clayton left for The Bachelor), which is Stryker, where medical devices are sold.

Patrick is the baby of the family and also works for the same company as his big brothers. However, Patrick works in an office in Oregon, not in Arizona like Nate.

Previously, before being transferred to Oregon, Nate and Patrick lived together. But after making the move, Clayton took over Patrick’s lease to live with Nate.

Which brother does Clayton think slid into Teddi Wright’s DMs?

What Bachelor Nation really wants to know, though, is which of Clayton’s brothers was the one who allegedly slid into Teddi Wright’s DMs?

Clayton has said that if he had to guess, it would have been Patrick. He even stated, “I think it’s Pat, my youngest brother. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past either of them. They both cannot be tamed.”

Teddi didn’t seem to want to address the situation at the Women Tell All, but Genevieve yelled that if Teddi didn’t answer Jesse’s question, she would. So, eventually, Teddi came clean and answered that it was one of Clayton’s brothers.

She also claimed, with a laugh, that she never responded because “One Echard boy in my lifetime was enough for me.”

Clayton even took to Twitter to try to get Teddi to release the DMs because both of his brothers have denied doing it. He jokingly said he wanted to get to the bottom of it because he believes Teddi and knows she would never make it up.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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