Clayton Echard and Susie Evans act silly in robes with towels on their heads

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans
Clayton Echard and Susie Evans act goofy together. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans have had to overcome so many obstacles to get to where they are today.

While Bachelor Nation watched, Clayton sent Susie home during fantasy suite dates after she gave him somewhat of an ultimatum. Whereas fans and alums got upset at Clayton for how he treated Susie during that time, Susie was able to get over it and move forward.

As the couple made their appearance together on the After the Final Rose segment, walking out on stage and to the hot seat hand-in-hand, Bachelor Nation was shocked.

Now, the duo seems happier and more in love than ever as they are constantly laughing, smiling, and acting silly together via their social media platforms.

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans prove love can be fun

Recently, Clayton and Susie made a TikTok video of themselves doing just that – being goofy and having fun.

The two could be seen in bathrobes, with towels twisted on top of their heads and donning sunglasses, as they lip-synced along to an Angel eyes duet that played. Susie sipped on her glass of white wine as she sat behind her boyfriend on the bed.

Susie captioned their duet, saying, “Clayton telling a story, Susie adding her two cents.”

Clayton then responded immediately to Susie’s caption and wrote his own, as he commented, “Things I thought I’d never do, but here I am fully invested.”

Clayton’s mom also had her own comeback once she saw the twosome’s video, as she inquired, “@claytonechard what is happening to MY son??? (shocked face emoji).”

Susie posted back, jokingly at Mrs. Echard’s comment, “@kelly_kjbean (laughing face emojis) did I do thissss.”

Susie Evans, Clayton Echard, and Clayton's mom joke back and forth about the couple's video they posted.

Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

What else did Bachelor Nation have to say about their silly video?

Jason Tartick, a Bachelor Nation alum himself and the current fiance of Kaitlyn Bristowe, added, “Quit your day job, big things ahead w this performance.”

Jason Tartick loved their video.
Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

Other fans gave the couple props as well, as they posted emojis of them laughing so hard they were crying and telling both Clayton and Susie that “Y’all are goals” as a couple.

One viewer stated, “Wow we love the commitment (hands clapping emoji), and another exclaimed, “@susiecevans I so happy you found the male version of you … you deserve all the happiness and more!”

Other fans thought the duo's video was hilarious.
Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

While things had a rocky start for these two lovebirds, it is evident that they are meant to be together. As much backlash and criticism that Clayton had to face, and all of the anxiety and heartbreak it caused, has led him to Susie, his ultimate dream girl.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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