Clare Crawley says The Bachelorette gave her ‘a lot of PTSD’

Clare Crawley
Clare Crawley talks about her mental health. Pic credit: @clarecrawley/Instagram

After the shortest stint as The Bachelorette in the show’s history, Clare Crawley struggled with her mental health.

The 2020 Bachelorette was only the leading woman for a few weeks before leaving the show for one of her contestants, Dale Moss.

Unfortunately, Clare has suffered a lot of PTSD from the situation due to some issues she has kept private and not shared with the public.

The spotlight of being The Bachelorette was huge pressure on her shoulders, and since the filming and airing of the show, Clare struggled emotionally and mentally afterward.

Between her relationship with Dale not working out and the backlash she received from Bachelor Nation, Clare found herself in an extremely dark place.

Having to deal with critics slamming her on social media was one thing, but putting her life back together after the stress of the show put some wear and tear on Clare’s mental state moving forward.

Clare Crawley opens up about her mental health struggles after The Bachelorette

Clare recently took to her Instagram Stories for a Q&A session with Bachelor fans.

It was here that she was asked if she regretted saying yes to becoming The Bachelorette.

Clare responded, “I was in one of the darkest lowest place in my life after the show for sure. For awhile. I also have a lot of PTSD from so many things that I have not shared publicly as well.”

However, she then said, “But I will say, the thing I pride myself on is RESILIENCE. I refuse to let anything get the best of me and keep me down. I have sourced strength from the most challenging things in my life, and because of that I live with no regrets.”

Clare Crawley reveals her mental health struggles to her fans.
Pic credit: @clarecrawley/Instagram

Clare Crawley’s current love life

Recently, Clare publicly announced her relationship with her boyfriend of about one year, Ryan Dawkins.

It seems that the stability of Ryan, his job, his age, and the fact that he is not within Bachelor Nation, have given the couple the foundation that they have needed to thrive in their relationship.

The girl-dad also seems to be a family-oriented man who holds those he loves close, which Clare also acknowledges and loves about him.

While it sounds like Clare has had to overcome a lot of obstacles and hardships from her decision to be the leading woman for the show, she also knows that because she went through that, she came out of it stronger than she was before.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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