Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are sharing photos of each other again — The Bachelorette couple officially back together?

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss on The Bachelorette
Clare Crawley and Dale Moss continue to share photos together leaving Bachelor Nation wondering if the former couple is official once again. Pic credit: ABC

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss have started to share photos together again on social media, which has left fans wondering if this means The Bachelorette couple is officially back together.

The couple had been photographed walking through New York City last week, and Clare looked like she was sporting a new diamond ring on her left hand. Both of them were affectionate with each other and appeared happy to be spending time together.

Despite ending their engagement in January, they’ve spent a lot of time together.

PageSix shared a photo from Dale’s Instagram stories just one day ago which showed the former couple posing for a selfie.

Both Clare and Dale also shared photos of a friend’s birthday cake and it looked like they were celebrating together.

The recent social media posts leaves fans wondering if the couple is officially back together again.

Dale and Clare look to be celebrating the same birthday
Dale and Clare look to be celebrating the same birthday. Pic credit: @dalemoss13/Instagram
Clare looks to be celebrating at the same place as Dale
Clare looks to be celebrating at the same place as Dale. Pic credit: @clarecrawley/Instagram

Are Clare and Dale back together again?

While the former couple has been spotted together frequently since their split, many fans have questioned whether they are actually back together or if it’s just a publicity stunt.

Clare and Dale began hanging out in public around the same time as the controversy with Chris Harrison began. Hence, a portion of Bachelor Nation wondered if they purposely made appearances together to take some of the heat off of that situation.

Neither Clare nor Dale have mentioned much about their time together, which is a major shift in how Clare used to share her private information with fans. The couple has not been shy, however, about sharing posts together.

According to People, along with Dale’s recent Instagram story showing the two of them together, Clare posted a photo to her stories from what looked to be a vacant apartment building.

It’s quite possible the two of them could have been apartment hunting together and their blatant disregard for keeping their time together a secret could mean they’ve become official once again.

Clare and Dale’s dating history

Clare and Dale met while filming Season 16 of The Bachelorette.

The couple became engaged and left the show together after only knowing one another for 12 days. Clare was then recast with Tayshia Adams.

The couple appeared happy as they celebrated New Year’s Eve together.

A few weeks later, news spread that the two of them had hit a rough patch in their relationship. Dale reportedly felt that things were moving too fast and posted a “joint” message on Instagram about their decision to break up. His message has been removed from his page.

In a post, that has since been deleted, Clare shared that she was devastated by their breakup and said she found out about Dale’s split statement along with the rest of the world. She claimed not to know that Dale was going to post the statement that he did.

Despite their rollercoaster relationship, it looks like Clare and Dale may be giving things another shot.

While neither of them has made a statement to make their relationship official again, the Instagram posts speak for themselves.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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