Claire Spivey gushes over ‘fairytale’ wedding as she shares new photos

Claire Spivey married Justin Duggar.
Claire Spivey gushed about her “fairytale.” Pic credit: @justinsamduggar/Instagram

Claire Spivey returned to Instagram to share more photos from her “fairytale” wedding. 

She had been on a hiatus since March 2, which was presumably because the couple may have taken a honeymoon following their nuptials. 

After tying the knot on February 26, the couple hasn’t shared much from their big day. They both initially shared the first photo to announce they were married and then a clip of their wedding from the videographer. 

Several photos have been shared by Claire’s mom, Hilary Spivey, and James Duggar used his social media page to give followers a few behind-the-scenes photos

A ‘fairytale’ wedding 

Three photos were attached to the post on Instagram Claire Spivey shared. She has officially changed her name to Claire Duggar on there as well. 

The caption reads, “Most breathtaking day ever! Over and over have we said how much it felt as if we were living out a fairytale on our wedding day! “

Both Claire and Justin had huge smiles on their faces and appeared to be madly in love. They have faced their fair share of criticism, but it doesn’t seem to bother them. 

In fact, ahead of the wedding, Claire wasn’t above getting snippy with followers when they questioned her about her “pray for Justin” sign she and he posed with following his wisdom teeth removal. 

What is next for Claire Spivey and Justin Duggar? 

Just before they tied the knot, Justin Duggar bought a property from his father, Jim Bob Duggar. It is presumably where the couple will live and begin living out their married days. 

The watch is on to see when a baby announcement will come from the couple. While not all of the Duggar siblings have a honeymoon baby, a few of them do. It would not be surprising to learn in the next few months that Claire is expecting. 

For now, though, fans want to know more about Claire Spivey. She was introduced in the last few minutes of Counting On’s Season 11 finale, and since then, nothing. While TLC has not announced an official renewal, some of the family members have filmed updates recently. 

Hilary Spivey confirmed she had filmed with the family at the end of last year, and so far, none of that footage has been made available. With Justin and Claire’s wedding, the birth of Kendra and Joseph Duggar’s third baby, and a rumored upcoming wedding for Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu, another season is almost a sure bet. 

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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