Cinco Holland hints that some Love Island stars are using Cashay for fame

Cinco and Cashay from Love Island USA
Cinco and Cashay from Love Island USA. Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

Since leaving Love Island USA, Cinco Holland has mostly been using his Instagram account for his personal training business.

He has put up private videos and photos but mostly keeps those to his Instagram Stories, where they disappear in 24 hours and leave no lasting footprint on his platform.

However, he took offense recently to a fan who put him on blast for not trying to pump up his social media platform by using Cashay Proudfoot.

Cinco claps back at Love Island USA fan on IG

Cinco made a video post on his Instagram account that showed him away from his work and enjoying a boat trip.

The video included at least one familiar face with Javonny Vega in the background waving to the camera.

However, fans felt that Cinco was not using the video to its fullest extent.

One fan wrote that they wished he could have shared this experience with Cash, and Cinco responded, “I have something else special for her and I.”

Cinco Holland Instagram
Pic credit: @thetough_cinco/Instagram

However, another fan got personal and tried to tell Cinco he was doing Instagram wrong if he wanted to become social media famous.

They responded to the video by writing, “Now if you had Cash in the photos, thousands would be commenting, not 29.”

In response to the comment, which was later deleted, Cinco responded, “I don’t care about the amount of likes and comments and I’m not here to use Cash for her notoriety like others are either.”

The “like others” part of his answer brings up some interesting questions.

Cashay has become social media famous

Cinco hints that there might be some people who are using Cashay for her “notoriety,” which hints that he feels some are trying to ride her coattails to gain more fans on Instagram and other social media platforms.

While “notoriety” might not be the right word here, Cashay built up her Instagram following because people loved her on Love Island USA.

If anyone was notorious from their time on the show, it was Cinco, who bounced from Cash to Trina and then back to Cash before both women dumped him from the show.

Cashay grew in popularity, going from under 4,000 Instagram followers when she entered the villa to 362,000 followers right now.

To people who don’t understand how this works, companies find better success by advertising through celebrities than through traditional platforms.

With everyone using ad blockers on the Internet and skipping commercials on TV shows, getting their products in front of people has taken a turn to celeb endorsements.

The more popular a person is on Instagram, the more money they can make from these businesses.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Cashay makes an estimated $1,088 to $1,813 per Instagram sponsored post for a company. It would make sense that some fellow Love Island USA stars might want a taste of that pie and might be using Cashay to build their own brands.

At least, that is what Cinco Holland is hinting at.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Revisit Season 3 on Paramount+ streaming.

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