Cinco and Jeremy from Love Island USA hint at appearing on another reality show together

Cinco Holland from Dancing With the Stars
Cinco Holland from Dancing With the Stars. Pic credit: @thetough_cinco/Instagram

Cinco Holland and Cashay Proudfoot went onto Instagram Live on Monday night and talked to Love Island USA fans about a wide array of subjects.

The live sessions lasted for 45 minutes and Cashay did most of the talking.

The two answered a lot of questions about Love Island USA, their date wars, cooking, their relationship status, and their thoughts on other reality TV shows.

When they talked about reality TV shows, Cashay admitted she only watched The Bachelor, Love Island, and Dancing With the Stars. As for Cinco, he never watched anything before going on Love Island USA or after leaving.

However, Cinco has hinted that he might be interested in going on another reality TV show and Jeremy Hershberg joined the comment section to say he would go on it with Cinco.

Cinco would be willing to join another reality show after Love Island USA

When talking to fans about going onto other reality TV shows, both Cinco and Cashay dismissed the idea.

However, Cinco liked one idea.

Cinco said he would consider going on The Challenge. However, he said that The Challenge wouldn’t be ready for him.

Cinco’s occupation is as a personal trainer and he owns his own business. He also said he is still trying to get bigger.

That is when Jeremy popped into the comments and said he would go on the show with Cinco. That is when Cinco pepped up and said that The Challenge would never be ready for the two of them together, saying that he wanted to get as big as Jeremy one day.

Josh Goldstein also hopped into comments at one point, but when he saw them mention it, he passed and said he would never be on another reality TV show.

The Challenge started as a competition show with former members of The Real World cast competing. It soon branched out and added other reality show stars from series like Big Brother, Are You The One, Ex on the Beach, and Road Rules.

There have also been competitors from Love Island UK show up on The Challenge, with Theo Campbell, Georgia Harrison, and Gabby Allen from season three, and Idris Virgo from season four.

Love Island USA also sent a pair of contestants with Jeremiah White and Lauren Coogan from the second season.

Coogan was removed from The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies. She claimed she was “gaslit and scapegoated on two major networks within the same month.” She went on to say it was “traumatic” and she went to therapy after the experience.

Cashay also has reality TV dreams

Cashay said she didn’t want to appear on another reality TV show but then changed her mind.

When she remembered that Dancing With the Stars was reality TV, she said she would love to be on that show.

“That’s the only one I would do,” she said. “That’s my dream!”

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. You can relive the third season on Paramount+ streaming.

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