Christmas Abbott wedding date: Memphis Garrett reveals when Big Brother couple is getting married

Memphis And Christmas BB Feeds
Big Brother couple Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett will get married in 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett from Big Brother 22 have officially started planning their wedding.

In a new interview that Memphis gave this week, he talked about why he returned to Big Brother in 2020 and how being a member of the Big Brother 22 cast led to him finding the love of his life.

A little while ago, Memphis revealed that he had fallen in love with Christmas Abbott while they were still in the Big Brother house. Live feed subscribers thought that there was a spark between the two members of the BB22 cast and it was confirmed a short time after they left the game.

It wasn’t long after Big Brother 22 came to an end that Memphis and Christmas were spotted out at a bar by a fan of the show. It really got the rumor mill going, and a short time later, Memphis and Christmas went public about becoming a couple.

Memphis asked Christmas to marry him back in June 2021, and now the couple is well on their way to getting married.

Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett wedding date coming up

According to a new interview with Pop Culture, Christmas and Memphis are getting married in May 2022. It is likely that there will be other former Big Brother houseguests in attendance and we can’t wait to see the couple celebrating their big day.

Memphis speaks about falling in love with Christmas

The new interview also delved into Memphis talking about how it was fate that he came back to the Big Brother world just in time to meet Christmas. After finishing second on Big Brother 10 to Dan Gheesling, Memphis was out of the spotlight for a while.

“Once I spent time with her, I was like ‘This is, this is my future wife, literally without a doubt.’ So it’s a very interesting thing,” Memphis said about the time he got to spend with Christmas after first meeting her on the Big Brother 22 season.

“And it’s a dynamic that I can’t really… Have to put a finger on it, but the world definitely had to align it a certain way to put me and her in that house together. I wasn’t a part of any reality TV for 10 years. I was on Big Brother and then I moved on and did my career and I never would have ever gone back if it wasn’t for COVID, if it wasn’t for my restaurants being shut down, there would have been no way I would’ve gone back. So, it’s just so crazy how the world works,” Memphis went on to say.

On the Big Brother 22 cast, Memphis and Christmas were part of a large six-person alliance that controlled the game for most of the summer. Memphis finished in fifth place and then Christmas was eliminated right after him (in fourth place). That allowed them some time in the BB22 jury together before it was time to crown Cody Calafiore the unanimous winner.

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