Chris Williams reacts to receiving praise for staying out of drama

Chris Williams
Chris Williams responds with emojis to fans’ praise. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 12 introduced the world to Chris Williams, who many argue became the greatest villain of the entire franchise. 

Not only did Chris cause explosive drama at every turn during his season, but he also stirred the pot after the show as he engaged in shocking feuds and rants against several Married at First Sight 12 castmates, members of the MAFS franchise, his pastor, and even his ex-girlfriend Mercedes. 

After all the drama, Chris finally came forward with a lengthy apology and a commitment to be better and no longer engage in questionable, hurtful, and upsetting antics. 

So far, Chris has seemingly kept to his word by not involving himself too heavily in MAFS drama and some MAFS fans have patted him on the back for remaining low-key. 

Chris Williams reacts to receiving a rare compliment from MAFS fans 

A Married at First Sight fan page encouraged MAFS viewers to “leave a MAFS compliment.”

As expected, many Married at First Sight fan favorites were complimented, however, one fan took time out to give Chris Williams a rare compliment, and the praise was clearly appreciated by Chris. 

Lifting up Chris’ recent drama-free behavior, the fan wrote, “Chris (Williams) has been low-key and staying out of drama lately” with a laughing emoji and two 100 emojis. The fan concluded the compliment by telling Chris, “good job!” 

The post included a photo of Chris in a striped polo and jeans as he sat on a bright red car. 

Chris caught wind of the compliment and shared it on his Instagram stories. Without saying a word, Chris reacted with a series of appreciative emojis including teary-eyed emojis, heart-eye emojis, smiley faces, fists, and prayer hands. 

After receiving a lot of hate from MAFS viewers after his poor treatment of ex-wife Paige Banks and others, it seems Chris took this compliment and acknowledgment to heart. 

Chris Williams IG story
Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

Chris Williams defends fellow costar Ryan Oubre 

Interestingly, as Chris became less involved in MAFS drama one of his castmates who aimed to be drama-free, Ryan Oubre found himself back in the headlines. 

Ryan Oubre came forward with a lengthy statement explaining the issues in his relationship with Clara Berghaus, revealing that their contrasting stance on race and interracial relationships played a significant part in their split. 

Clara and Virginia Coombs both came forward with their own perspective of Ryan and why the relationship didn’t work out, painting him in a more negative light. 

Without causing too much ruckus, Chris came to Ryan’s defense as he beckoned people to leave Ryan alone. 

All and all, it seems some MAFS viewers believe Chris Williams may be turning over a new leaf. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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