Virginia Coombs claps back at Ryan Oubre, calls him out for not educating Clara on race issues

Virginia Coombs in plaid
Virginia Coombs makes harsh accusations about Ryan Oubre in her problematic video. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 12 was one of the most dramatic seasons of the franchise, and plenty of the cast members kept the drama going even after their season wrapped. 

Recently, Virginia Coombs “chose violence” by sharing a lengthy video response to a post written by fellow MAFS Season 12 castmate Ryan Oubre. 

In Ryan’s post, he broke his silence on his short-lived relationship with Clara Berghaus. He explained how racial differences played a part in their challenges as an interracial couple, suggesting that Clara did not have a genuine interest in understanding his culture. 

Virginia took offense to Ryan’s perspective, calling the post comical, snake-like, conveniently timed, and filled with “insane” allegations. 

In Virginia’s video, she unleashed several accusations and private information about the behind-the-scenes of Ryan and Clara’s relationship, along with declaring that Ryan was playing the race card in his statement. 

Here are the key takeaways and accusations from Virginia’s alarming video. 

Virginia Coombs questions the timing of Ryan Oubre’s post 

After meeting on Married at First Sight, Virginia and Clara became best friends, so Virginia felt compelled to “stick up for her friend” when clapping back at Ryan. 

Virginia took to her IG stories since she accused Ryan of blocking her from commenting on his post. 

First, Virginia questioned the timing of Ryan’s post since he had been mostly private after their divorce but had finally chosen to speak out now. Virginia expressed believing that Ryan’s convenient timing has to do with Clara’s tell-all special that airs on Lifetime the day after he released his statement. In the special, Clara will discuss her relationship with Ryan. 

Virginia stated it’s “convenient timing that he’s posting this tonight with the special coming out tomorrow. He’s very obviously trying to get ahead of whatever he thinks is going to be said and play the race card.”

Virginia Coombs IG story
Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

Virginia blames Ryan for not educating Clara on race issues 

While Virginia acknowledged that she’ll never understand the Black experience as a white woman, she felt that as a woman who dates outside of her race, she’d hope a partner “would be willing to educate her where she lacks, have conversations and teach me.”

Virginia went on to say that, “Clara asked for education and was told no and was refused the education she wanted and was just told she just needed to know. I’m sorry, how do you just know without being taught or without having things explained to you from the other perspective?” 

Virginia added, “You can’t claim someone doesn’t know your culture and experience when you’re unwilling to educate when they’re asked.” 

Virginia calls Ryan out for primarily dating white women 

Virginia also questioned Ryan’s pattern of being interested in white women and found it odd that he seemed to prefer white women but didn’t want to educate them about his culture. 

Virginia stated, “As a Black man who primarily dates white women and who went on a TV show, and I’m pretty positive asked for a white woman, I think that’s something you should know and should be willing to do. Clara’s not the only one who predominantly dates outside of her race in that marriage.”

Virginia accuses Ryan’s mother of being inappropriate 

In one of Virginia’s more personal confessions during the video, Virginia addressed why Clara may have been uncomfortable around Ryan’s family. 

Virginia revealed a conversation Clara had with Ryan’s mother where Ryan’s mom allegedly overstepped and told Clara that she should view any oral sex she gives Ryan to be a gift to him and that Clara should “expect nothing in return for said gift.”

Virginia expressed, “If my mother-in-law ever said that to me, I think I’d feel pretty awkward walking into her house also. There’s things called boundaries, and mothers need to respect them with their daughter-in-law or anyone their son is dating.”

Virginia reveals Clara’s family is infuriated by Ryan’s post 

Ryan concluded his post by claiming he aims to honor Clara’s family by respecting their daughter. However, Virginia revealed that Clara’s family doesn’t feel respected at all.

Virginia explained why Clara’s family is “pissed” and suggested Ryan would look stupid for issuing his statement. 

Virginia shared, “You can’t sit up on your high horse and craft this whole nine-page rant that is obviously very meticulously crafted and then say you’re respecting her family. Her family is pissed right now. You want to hear what her family is saying? They are pissed. Because that is not respecting her or her family. That is trying to get ahead of something you think is coming for you when it’s actually not. So you’re going to look real stupid tomorrow when there’s not anything you should’ve been freaking out about.” 

Virginia shares ‘dirt’ on Ryan Oubre’s alleged behind-the-scenes behavior 

Among the many accusations, Virginia revealed that she and fellow MAFS Season 13 star Haley Harris helped Clara move out of Ryan’s home and Ryan allegedly didn’t lift a finger to help them. 

Virginia also shared that marriage counseling was Clara’s idea and Ryan was hesitant about it but “would throw things in [Clara’s] face that the counselor said and was never super open to it or super helpful.”

Virginia suggested that Ryan accused Clara of being racist in his post and stated, “Just don’t pretend to be this great amazing man that like didn’t do anything wrong in this marriage and that it was all just like racial and cultural differences and basically calling your wife a racist, who is the farthest thing from it, when you got some dirt that’s for sure. And you were extremely unwilling to bend and do what it takes to make a relationship actually work.” 

Virginia gets educated on her problematic response 

Virginia acknowledged she’d get hate for her response but vocalized that she didn’t care. 

Plenty of people did, in fact, slide into Virginia’s DMs to explain the several glaring issues with her video, especially with her belief that it should be Ryan’s job to educate Clara. 

Virginia pushed back on this notion, saying google isn’t as effective as learning from your partner directly. However, after receiving more messages, Virginia returned to her IG stories several times to reveal she’s having amazing conversations in her DMS that pinpointed where she went wrong in her video. 

Virginia Coombs written statement
Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

Virginia shared severals sources people can turn to be educated instead of exhaustingly making their ignorance the responsibility of the Black people around them, however, she still stood by her belief that a spouse “should love you enough to share those experiences with you.”

Virginia Coombs written statement
Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

Both Ryan and Virginia certainly had a lot to say regarding the subject of race and relationships and it seems Clara will have a chance to say her piece during her upcoming tell-all special.  

Married at First Sight’s special airs Thursday, December 30th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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2 years ago

It’s not black people responsibility to educate a fool

6 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Who in the hell wants to be taught to be a victim? Life is short, everyone has bad experiences, failures, and negative events. Learn from them, get it out of your head, and move ahead!