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Chris Williams offers up a real apology to Paige Banks, says it’s not about getting back together

MAFS Chris Williams looks sorry
Chris Williams is apologetic…or so he says. Pic Credit: Lifetime

Season 12’s Chris Williams has once again stolen the Married at First Sight spotlight by posting a lengthy public apology to his ex-wife, Paige Banks, on his Instagram.

Chris Williams finally apologizes to Paige Banks

Married at First Sight Season 12’s Chris Williams had a lot to say today as he dropped bombshell after bombshell on his social media. Earlier today, Chris revealed that his ex-fiance, Mercedes, was never actually pregnant.

In light of that news, Chris felt he owed a lot of people an apology and started off with his now ex-wife Paige Banks.

Chris posted a picture of him and Paige with a lengthy caption explaining that he had made a mistake and had never appreciated or respected her the way he should have.

Chris went on to say that the news of Mercedes being pregnant was the reason he never moved into the couple’s shared apartment following the honeymoon and why he had never given the marriage a fair chance during the show’s season.

Then, in true Chris Williams’ fashion, he made it clear that he did not agree with everything Paige did or said and felt some of it was deceitful. An odd choice to include in an apology. But he went on to say that he felt Paige handled most of the situations with grace and that he did want to give her credit and an apology.

Chris added that the apology was not about getting back together with Paige but about giving her an apology publicly. He added that she was indeed beautiful and that he regretted ever questioning it.

MAFS Chris Williams apologizes to Paige
Pic credit:@chriswilliamsii/Instagram

The post is referring to a one-on-one session with Pastor Cal where Chris Williams called Paige ugly and said that she did not have an attractive face. Pastor Cal, fans, and experts alike were furious and the incident brought quite a lot of backlash.

Chris uses social media to drop bombshells

While these incidents all caused quite a stir, Chris Williams is no stranger to using social media to get his point across.

Chris has used his social media to fire shots at his ex-wife Paige, his costars, and even the show’s experts. Following some especially explosive posts, Chris went off social media for a short time. Now the “king of chaos” has returned and continues to drop major bombshells.

From revealing his ex was never really pregnant to finally giving Paige a public apology, Chris is definitely the master of using social media to make big reveals.

So it is not all that surprising that, even long after his season has aired and a new one is almost reaching its conclusion, Chris Williams has once again stolen the Married At First Sight spotlight.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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