Chris Lopez: ‘Somebody told me I can’t film my kids’ on Teen Mom 2, fans think Kail Lowry is behind it

Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez of Teen Mom 2
Was Kail Lowry responsible for Chris Lopez not filming with his kids on Teen Mom 2? Viewers think she was. Pic credit: MTV

Chris Lopez revealed that he “can’t” film with his kids on Teen Mom 2 and viewers think his ex, Kail Lowry, is responsible.

As Monsters & Critics reported over the summer, Chris Lopez signed a contract with MTV to appear as a regular cast member on Teen Mom 2.

Reportedly Kail was “upset” to hear that her third baby daddy would be joining the show she’s filmed for 10 seasons, given their tumultuous relationship history.

Teen Mom 2 star Chris Lopez: ‘Somebody told me I can’t film my kids’

Now, Chris is claiming that he was told he can’t film with his sons, Lux and Creed, on Teen Mom 2 and it has viewers wondering who was behind the decision.

Chris went live on Instagram earlier this week and explained the situation to his fans while he fielded some questions from them.

Teen Mom Chatter shared the clip on their Instagram page, which you can watch below.

“I don’t want y’all to get on here and think I joined that show and I’m going on there to bash anybody,” Chris admitted.

When one of Chris’s followers asked him if he filmed with his kids for Teen Mom 2, he revealed, “I told y’all I can’t. I was told… somebody told me I can’t film my kids, so I’m not filming my kids.”

After watching the video clip, Teen Mom 2 fans flocked to the comments section and many felt that Kail Lowry had something to do with Chris not filming with their sons Lux, 4, and Creed, 1.

Teen Mom 2 viewers think Kail Lowry stopped Chris Lopez from filming their kids

“[It] definitely had to be kail since she doesn’t want him to film and stopped filming herself once he signed on,” commented one Teen Mom 2 fan.

Kail mentioned last month that she hasn’t filmed for Teen Mom 2 in “about three months” and revealed that she subsequently took a pay cut.

Kail first sparked rumors she was hanging up her career with Teen Mom 2 when she told fans in August she was not filming new episodes. She later clarified that it was her choice not to continue filming, not a refusal.

Chris’s baby mama didn’t give a reason for not filming, but it conveniently coincided with Chris signing on to film for Teen Mom 2. Many Teen Mom 2 fans felt like Kail wasn’t quitting the show, but waiting until MTV cut ties with Chris before resuming filming.

teen mom 2 viewers think kail lowry had something to do with chris not filming his kids
Pic credit: @teenmomchatter/Instagram

More Teen Mom 2 viewers named Kail as the one who decided that Chris wouldn’t be able to film with their kids on the show.

“Sounds like someone (cough Kail cough) is trying to control the narrative & wants Chris to look like a “bad” dad to try to make herself look better,” another commented read. “? I’m over her. It could be production but it just seems like something bitter she would do.”

teen mom 2 viewers think kail was responsible for chris not filming their kids
Pic credit: @teenmomchatter/Instagram

One Teen Mom 2 viewer speculated that Kail is no longer filming on the show, which means Lux and Creed won’t be shown on any episodes. According to the fan, Kail put a stop to filming Lux and Creed when she learned that Chris joined the cast, perhaps to be spiteful.

“I’m guessing ? left the show and isn’t filming anymore and will not allow her kids to be filmed either,” the Teen Mom 2 fan wrote.

An air date for the next season of Teen Mom 2 has yet to be announced, but viewers are anxiously waiting to see how Chris and Kail’s relationship and co-parenting drama plays out on the show.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

All episodes of Teen Mom 2 are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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