Chris Harrison speaks out about Kelley Flanagan not being invited to the Women Tell All

Kelley Flanagan
Kelley Flanagan wasn’t invited to the Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

Kelley Flanagan may not have been invited to the Women Tell All special a few weeks ago, but her absence spoke louder than words.

Fans were quick to notice that she wasn’t there and she revealed that she hadn’t been invited.

She was the only one who hadn’t been invited.

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Natasha Parker wasn’t present either but blamed her absence on a personal matter.

Now, Chris Harrison is ready to reveal why she wasn’t invited to the Women Tell All special.

Chris Harrison claims Kelley didn’t play an integral part

The answer comes via Ashley I, a former contestant on The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise.

Ashley decided to ask Chris about why Kelley was missing from the Women Tell All. If viewers remember, Ashley herself was on the special episode to give credit to Kelsey for not being ashamed of crying or showing her emotions.

In her column for Cosmopolitan, Ashley explains that she asked Chris about Kelley on her podcast, Almost Famous, and he told her that Kelley wasn’t invited for the simple reason of her not playing an integral part of Peter’s season.

“He said they felt Kelley didn’t play an integral part to the storyline. That response begs the question: so production felt as if Katrina, Maurissa, and Alexa played important enough roles in the season to be part of the reunion?

“Kelley not getting an invitation to ‘WTA’ says, to me, that Kelley, a fan favorite, is not a production favorite,” Ashley concluded.

She then goes on to guess that Kelley may have called out production for the way she was edited during her final date with Peter, as her career seemed to overpower the date.

She kept making reference to the other girls, calling them babies. She also said that Peter would be a fool for not picking her, as she’s an attorney.

Ashley, who has filmed several shows in the Bachelor franchise, added that producers have every right to take your words out of context, which many believe is what happened here.

Fans don’t believe Chris’ reasoning

Fans clearly don’t believe Chris Harrison’s explanation as to why Kelley wasn’t invited to the Women Tell All.

Many viewers think that she wasn’t invited because producers were scared of her calling them out.

There was also a theory that Kelley wasn’t invited to the Women Tell All special because she won this season of The Bachelor.

After her exit, she got mad respect from viewers for handling herself well. She called Peter out for rewarding drama, and despite getting some heat for career-shaming the other women, it was clear that she wanted to make a point of the situation.

Many people have called Kelley a perfect choice for a Bachelorette, but that might not happen given production’s thoughts about how much she contributes to the show.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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