Chris Harrison says people who spoil The Bachelor are ruining people’s lives and work

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison doesn’t like it when people spoil The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison clearly loves his job as the host of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise.

He has done this job for years, as he’s been the host of the show since the very beginning.

But he’s now speaking out about the spoilers that tend to leak out every season.

This season is currently unspoiled, but there is enough information to put the pieces together as to what may happen.

And one particular man spoke out about Chris’ comments in a recent interview.

The Bachelor spoiler, Reality Steve, speaks out

Harrison appeared on the Almost Famous podcast, a podcast hosted by former Bachelor Nation stars Ben Higgins and Ashley I.

During the interview, Chris said that he doesn’t like it when people spoil the seasons because they are disrespecting the hard work done by writers and producers.

He also said that those who spoil the show have no “self-worth.”

Reality Steve, who is one of the biggest spoilers of the franchise, shared his thoughts on Twitter.

He questioned how he could, according to Chris, have no self-worth because he spoils the show.

Steve also added that Chris knows that Steve’s work only helps the franchises and draws people’s attention to the shows. It’s essentially free marketing of sorts.

During the interview, Chris revealed that by spoiling the seasons, people’s lives are ruined, as their hard work and creative work is influenced.

He’s referring to the thousands of people who work on The Bachelor every year.

Does The Bachelor get more publicity because of the spoilers?

It’s an interesting claim that spoilers bring more publicity to the show. There are definitely more articles online about The Bachelor and its spin-offs because of spoilers, as the stories are repurposed by countless websites.

And even if the ending is spoiled, not all details are leaked. That means people still tune in, so the ratings may not suffer so much because of the spoilers.

During the interview, Chris also added that it was only a fraction of people who actually read spoilers. We don’t have a number of people who read spoilers, but they are commonly covered by major media outlets.

One thing is true — Reality Steve does help squash rumors that could affect people’s lives. This season alone, Peter has already been linked to one of ABC’s producers and a pregnancy rumor.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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