Chris Harrison celebrates on social media with first post after shocking Bachelor exit

chris harrison
Chris Harrison returned to social media for his first post since exiting The Bachelor in June of this year. Pic credit: ABC

Chris Harrison celebrated on social media with his first post after his shocking exit from The Bachelor in June of this year.

He appreciated his longtime girlfriend, television personality Lauren Zima, with a slideshow of photographs in honor of their third anniversary as a couple.

This was the first time Chris posted to his social media account since June 8, where he informed a stunned Bachelor Nation that he would exit as the host of the franchise after almost 20 years.

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At that time, he added a photograph of himself on stage while taping the series in front of a live studio audience.

In the caption of the snaps, he penned, “I’ve had a truly incredible run as host of The Bachelor franchise, and now I’m excited to start a new chapter. I’m so grateful to Bachelor Nation for all of the memories we’ve made together. While my two-decade journey is wrapping up, the friendships I’ve made will last a lifetime.”

Chris had not posted any new content on social media until he added the images to celebrate this milestone moment with Lauren.

Chris Harrison called Lauren a ‘beautiful woman’

In the caption of a slideshow of four different photographs seen below, Chris honored Lauren for all the reasons she has brought so much joy to his life over a trio of years thus far.

“Another incredible trip around the sun with this beautiful woman. Lauren Zima, I love you for your wisdom, strength, vulnerability, theatrics, compassion, advice, laughter, grace…your love. The only woman that can remain chic as s**t while doing a Voldemort impersonation. I love you, LZ. Happy anniversary! Can’t wait to see what the next trip around the sun brings us,” he penned.

In response, Lauren added her own tongue-in-cheek response.

“Extremely glad this post included a Harry Potter reference. I agree to keep dating you!!!” she joked.

lauren zima
Lauren Zima had a fun response to Chris Harrison’s declaration of love. Pic credit: @chrisharrison/Instagram

The photos that captured the essence of their relationship

In the first snap, Chris and Lauren posed on a cliffside. In the distance, ocean water splashed onto the shoreline. Chris wore a Texas baseball cap and sunglasses while Lauren sported a similar look.

In a second image, the two fished together. Iin a third, they appeared relaxed as they enjoyed two beverages.

The final romantic photograph showed the duo as they snuggled on the beach in a nighttime snap.

Lauren honored her love in a TikTok montage seen below.

The Bachelorette three-hour finale airs tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 years ago

Those two women were way too emotional for me. Bring back Chris’ class!!! Bring back Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!