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Chris Collette thanks everyone for their support after divorcing Alyssa Ellman

Chris Collette
Chris Collette releases public message after divorcing Alyssa Ellman. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 14 couple Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman called it quits on the latest episode, to the delight of many viewers. 

After enduring a rocky marriage from the wedding day forward, Chris was able to send a message to his supporters now that his divorce has been made public. 

Chris Collette speaks out after divorcing Alyssa Ellman 

Typically, Married at First Sight stars have to refrain from commenting on social media while their season airs so as to avoid spoilers. However, now that Chris has ended his marriage with Alyssa he was able to come forward with a tweet of gratitude for his supporters. 

Married at First Sight viewers have been overwhelmingly on Chris’ side as Alyssa continued to mistreat and gaslight him on the show and Chris expressed appreciation for the outpouring of love he’s received on social media. 

Taking to Twitter, Chris kept his message short and sweet, writing, “Thanks everyone for the love and support.” 

Chris Collette tweet
Pic credit: @Chris_Collette/Twitter

Married at First Sight viewers shower Chris Collette with compliments 

Chris received even more love and support in the comment section of his post, as MAFS viewers praised him for knowing when to walk away and for honoring his boundaries. Viewers also expressed confidence that Chris has tons of valuable qualities that will make him a great husband one day.

One commenter shared with Chris, “Thank you for choosing yourself and preserving your mental health. And for saving us viewers from 6 more weeks of shenanigans from she-who-shall-not-be-named. Wishing you all the best-you deserve it.” 

Chris Collette Comment Section
Pic credit: @OpenedAccount/Twitter

Another commenter wrote, “So glad you extricated yourself from the queen of insufferable. You are handsome funny respectful successful & have many great qualities. I wish u much future success. I’m sure a kind beautiful intelligent loving woman will one day be your mate.”

A MAFS viewer reiterated that Chris deserves better, commenting, “ABSOLUTELY!!!!! We’re proud of you and you deserve sooo much better! Way to stand up for yourself and not allow her to play through ‘the experience’” 

Chris Collette Comment Section
Pic credit: @new071902/Twitter

Another MAFS viewer referenced Alyssa’s constant need to call herself a “good person” by writing, “Chris I’m sorry you were robbed, it shouldn’t have gotten as far as it did and my hats off to you, you behaved like a gentleman through it all (at least from what we got to see) … YOU are a good person lol.”

Chris Collette Comment Section
Pic credit: @MCrozon/Twitter

Based on viewers’ love and support, it seems Chris Collette has come out on top after Alyssa Ellman’s many attempts to put him down.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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  1. She was a b**** from the wedding day. I got my impression of her when she wouldn’t spend the night in the honeymoon suite. Good ridding to bad rubbish.

  2. Good for Chris for not settling and dealing with her soap opera drama. Very annoying how producers tried to pacify her and not back chris up, that’s just messed up

  3. Alyssa is spoiled and repulsive but Chris is also no bargain. He’s pompous and a no it all. Maybe the producers did this match on purpose knowing it would never work.

    • Lol how is it that he was a KNOW(that’s how you spell it) it all? Because he called her out on her s**t, says it like it was???? And pompous, seriously, do you even know the definition of pompous without liking it up????

  4. Congratulations Chris for taking the high road and ending the misery. She was so toxic and fake. Everyone knew that all she wanted was her 15 minutes of fame that quickly was extinguished by her mean and disrespectful attitude. He fake emotions at the end made her look like she was trying for an award. So fake the crocodile tears and then when she said she did not want to be with you because she was allergic to dog caused the whole world to laugh in her utter stupidity because she rescues dogs!!! Such a liar!!!! You sure dodged a huge mistake!!


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