Chris Bukowski dresses up as girlfriend Anna Redman’s chauffeur 

Chris Bukowski
Anna Redman shows love to “dufus” boyfriend, Chris Bukowski. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation stars Anna Redman and Chris Bukowski made headlines when they confirmed that they were dating.

Since making their relationship official, the couple has given fans and followers several glimpses into their love.

Recently, Anna shared a photo of the sweet way Chris made one of her long-time wishes come true by dressing up as a chauffeur.

Anna Redman calls Chris Bukowski a ‘great chauffeur’

Anna Redman took to her Instagram stories to share a photo of how Chris Bukowski greeted her at the airport.

In the photo, Chris stands in the middle of the airport with a hat, mask, gloves, and black and white suit as he holds Anna’s pink suitcase. 

Chris also holds up a sign featuring Anna’s last name, “Redman,” reminiscent of how chauffeurs often greet VIP guests at the airport in movies. 

Anna appreciated Chris’ gesture, writing “This dufus” with pink heart emojis. 

Anna explained the meaningful reason behind Chris’ chauffeur outfit, stating, “I told him I’ve always wanted someone to pick me up with a sign. He went all in with the outfit too at 6am.” 

Continuing to praise Chris, Anna also wrote, “@chrisjbukowski you’re a great chauffeur.” 

Anna Redman's Instagram story
Pic credit: @anna_redman/Instagram

Anna Redman takes a girls’ trip with The Bachelor Season 25 costars 

It was just a few weeks ago when Anna confirmed her relationship with Chris by posting a photo of the two in an affectionate kiss in Costa Rica 

However, Anna parted with Chris for a few days to enjoy a fun girls’ trip with her costars from Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

Anna Redman linked up with Bachelor Nation alums Serena Pitt, Abigail Heringer, Chelsea Vaughn, and Khaylah Epps and met up with The Bachelor Season 24 star Tammy Ly as well. 

The ladies enjoyed making a series of TikTok videos and attending fun excursions around Los Angeles. 

Like Anna and Chris, Abigail and Serena also found love within the Bachelor Nation franchise. 

Abigail struck up a love connection with her current boyfriend, Noah Erb, on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. The pair are still going strong as Abigail recently moved to California to be closer to Noah.

Serena Pitt also found love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 as she and Joe Amabile made it to the end of the season and even got engaged. The two have now relocated to New York together. 

While finding love within The Bachelor franchise can be a risky gamble, it seems to have worked out well for Anna, Serena, and Abigail. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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