Chelsea Vaughn throws shade at Aaron Clancy, reveals if she liked any of the men on BIP 

Chelsea Vaughn
Chelsea Vaughn had a brief fling with Aaron Clancy on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Chelsea Vaughn continues to be outspoken about her ups and downs within The Bachelor franchise.

Recently, Chelsea opened herself up to questions from fans who were curious to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on reality television.

When Chelsea was asked about the men on Bachelor in Paradise, she threw subtle shade at her former flame and BIP costar, Aaron Clancy.

Chelsea Vaughn says she never ‘gushed’ over anyone on Bachelor in Paradise

Chelsea Vaughn took to her Instagram stories to engage with fans and answer questions. 

Chelsea asked, “What’s something you’ve always wondered about the bachelor / reality tv?” 

One fan inquired about Chelsea’s time on Bachelor in Paradise, asking, “did you actually like any of the guys or did you feel caught up In The moment.” 

Fans’ noticed Chelsea threw a bit of shade in her response as she shared a photo of herself arm-in-arm with Aaron Clancy in paradise; however, she blocked out Aaron’s face with the question box. 

Bachelor in Paradise viewers will recall that Aaron and Chelsea had a brief fling on the island that even resulted in a confrontation between Aaron and Ivan Hall, who also showed interest in Chelsea.

Chelsea answered the fan’s question by writing, “A bit of both. I never felt like I was ‘falling for’ or truly had strong feelings for anyone on either show. And I stayed true to that which is why you never saw me gushing.”

Chelsea continued, “I definitely liked them as people. They are all funny, outgoing, interesting etc, which are the qualities that I am attracted to in a guy. But it’s easy to get caught up and question the validity of your own feelings.” 

Chelsea Vaughn's Instagram story
Pic credit: @chelseavaughn/Instagram

Ultimately, Chelsea’s relationship with Aaron and Ivan fizzled out, and she left the beach single after Ivan snuck around to pursue Alexa Caves and got booted from the beach. Aaron also completely ditched Chelsea for Tia Booth. 

Despite those curveballs on Bachelor in Paradise, Chelsea still thinks fondly of the men even though she didn’t fall for any of them. 

Chelsea Vaughn reveals if BIP contestants are pressured to get drunk 

Another fan wanted to know more about Bachelor in Paradise and asked, “Are contestants encouraged to be drunk? Especially on BIP.”

Chelsea responded with a photo of two glasses of alcohol and wrote, “Nope. It’s actually the opposite. Previous contestants used to be able to go HARD but now there are limits in place around alcohol.” 

Chelsea Vaughn's Instagram story
Pic credit: @chelseavaughn/Instagram

While Chelsea has stated she’ll never go on Bachelor in Paradise again, she’s still open to discussing her experience and giving fans an insider look at what goes down on the beach.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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