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Chelsea Houska shows off Cole DeBoer’s mullet as the Teen Mom 2 star prepares for family photos

Chelsea DeBoer
Chelsea DeBoer reveals how Cole DeBoer’s mullet is looking these days. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea DeBoer and her husband Cole DeBoer recently got some family photos done and in the photos, Cole is sporting his new mullet hairstyle.

The Teen Mom star wanted to grow out a mullet even though Chelsea wasn’t too keen on the new look at first.

However, she confirms in a post on Instagram that she loves him no matter what his hairstyle.

In this Instagram post, Chelsea shared a couple of photos of herself and Cole, showing their love and dedication to one another.

Chelsea DeBoer and her husband look adorable in new family photos

The reality star shared a few photos of them together, having her fans gushing about how cute they look together.

She shared four photos of them together, some of the highlighting Cole’s mullet quite nicely.

And her followers reacted to these photos with awe and support.

Some of the comments were positive, such as, “I thought mullets just happened, this looks like Cole is intentionally perfecting his,” and “Guuuuuh you guys are freakin CUTE.”

Others pointed out the memories that will come with these photos, including this reply, “It wouldn’t be TRUE family pictures if everyone wasn’t themselves. The kids will look back on these pictures and think ‘Oh goodness, look at my dad. He was so goofy.'”

Cole also got credit for being the perfect husband with one person writing, “Cole can literally do no wrong.”

It was back in December 2019 that Chelsea confirmed that Cole was growing out a mullet. At the time, she revealed that Cole’s new hairstyle was inspired by Morgan Wallen, a country musician who has a similar hairstyle.

Cole is growing out the mullet, while shaving the sides of his head, creating a mix between a mullet and a mohawk.

Chelsea DeBoer and Cole love their fans

Chelsea and Cole appreciate their fans’ support and Chelsea pointed out that Cole will love reading the comments that support his decision to grow out this controversial hairstyle.

On the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Chelsea and Cole surprised one of the audience members with a personalized gift to help her deal with her anxiety, as reported by Monsters & Critics at the time.

At one point, Chelsea also got up from her seat on stage to give someone a hug, someone who expressed her emotions over having an absent father. That’s something Chelsea and her daughter Aubree continue to deal with on the show, as Adam Lind is unreliable.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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