Chantel Everett slams nose job claims as makeup artist gets her ‘snatched’

The Family Chantel star, Chantel Everett.
Chantel Everett gets glam in professional makeup. Pic credit: @chantel_j_/Instagram

The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett is easily disputing those “nose job” claims with a video showcasing her makeup routine.

Not one to speak out against rumors, Chantel didn’t seem angry as she simply laughed at the claims.

In a social media video, she recorded the process as her makeup artist “snatched” her face, and during the application, she spoke about the cosmetic surgery accusations.

As the makeup artist started to contour her nose, Chantel exclaimed laughingly, “This is the nose job that everybody’s talking about.”

“They always say, ‘Chantel had surgery on her nose.’ Here we go again,” she went on as the makeup artist continued with her work.

“I’m getting snatched,” Chantel later added.

Meanwhile, the end result was quite glamorous as the TLC personality also showed off the finished look in the clip.

Chantel Everett gets glam for a night out

Chantel’s finished makeup look included thick brows, dark eyeliner on her top lid, and dramatic lashes.

The makeup artist added a natural blush to her cheeks, overlined her lips, and completed the look with a nude glossy lip. Of course, the professional contour had her nose snatched enough to fool the masses into thinking she had cosmetic surgery.

Soon enough, we’ll find out why The Family Chantel star was getting all glammed up, but in the Instagram video, she was casually dressed.

The clip only showed Chantel from her waist up since the focus was on her face during the makeup application.

However, we noticed she was clad in an oversized burgundy sweatshirt. She also sported extra long hair, styled bone straight and hanging almost down to her waist.

Chantel Everett is a fan of Peloton

The secret’s out! Chantel is a Peloton lover, and she’s not afraid to say it.

Known for her stunning figure, The Family Chantel star works quite hard to keep it that way. And since she split from Pedro Jimeno, she’s revved up her workouts.

Sometimes she hits the gym with sister Winter Everett–who’s also been on her own fitness journey and has lost an impressive amount of weight since undergoing surgery.

However, when Chantel decides to exercise alone, her go-to workout machine is her Peloton bike.

She recently shared photos on her recent Instagram Story that showed her working hard with Peloton instructor Ally Love.

The screen showed Chantel’s resistance level at 101 rpm, which speaks to the number of rotations per minute during the workout.

The Family Chantel star, Chantel Everett.
Pic credit: @chantel_j_/Instagram

The reality TV personality is hooked on Peloton and wants to take the large machine with her everywhere.

“I have decided to take my Peloton bike with me on my next travel assignment,” she told her Instagram followers.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus on TLC.