Chantel and Winter Everett rock matching black leggings for their cute sister workout

The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett shares the workout routine she does with sister, Winter.
Chantel Everett shares a video of her gym outing with sister Winter. Pic credit: TLC

Chantel and Winter Everett keep it all in the family when it comes to their workout routines.

The sisters and stars of TLC’s The Family Chantel recently shared a video of themselves breaking a sweat at the gym. Their coordinated workout was almost as cute as their matching outfits.

It wasn’t just about appearances, though. The sisters completed a circuit workout while letting their followers know that working out doesn’t have to be boring.

Chantel and Winter match at the gym

Chantel and Winter teamed up for a gym workout and had to make sure they looked good. They both rocked a pair of black leggings, a black sports bra, with white sneakers.

They kicked off their workout, focusing on their lower body by running in place. They shifted to squats while lifting weights and working out their core.

The sisters then focused on their arms by lifting weights. They continued with their squats, adding arm lifts and back workouts.

Chantel and Winter ended their workout by doing a complete cool down that included hand flexes, toe touches, and arm, back and leg stretches.

The sisters had the gym to themselves during their workout and took the time to laugh and enjoy the time together. The video shows them working out in unison as Momma Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J plays.

Winter Everett is ready for the next chapter of her life

Winter has decided she’s ready to live her best life and is doing all she can to make it happen. She decided to take control of her life and make some major changes.

Her weight loss journey has been featured on the show. Cameras even followed her to Mexico, where she had weight loss surgery. Winter shared that she had been working to lose weight for a long time and surgery was something she really wanted to do for herself.

Since then, she has been focused on making small changes to help reach her health goals. She often shares tips and motivation on her social media pages for her followers.

Winter is also focused on finding love and has shared that she is now dating. She revealed that she is in a relationship with a man named Masoma, who lives in Nigeria.

Part of Winter’s family, along with many fans of the show, are not sold on her love story with Masoma. Many believe she is being scammed or simply using him as a storyline for the show. Winter stans firm that her relationship is real and that she is eager to grow closer to Masoma.

The Family Chantel airs Monday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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