Celebrity Big Brother house tour released for the fans

CBB3 House
The Big Brother house went through a lot of changes for the new group of houseguests. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother house tour was just released, giving fans a look behind the curtains.

A brand new cast of celebrities is playing the game this winter, and that necessitated coming up with a new theme for the house as well.

Julie Chen Moonves did not let us down, and, yes, the producers leaned heavily into the winter theme that the new CBB logo hinted at.

And for anyone who didn’t already know, the Celebrity Big Brother 3 season has already started and the houseguests are playing the game.

The Celebrity Big Brother house tour has arrived

“This season’s #BBCeleb house is full of cozy vibes —here’s your sneak peek before the premiere on Wednesday, Feb. 2 at 8/7c on @CBS!” reads the caption of the Big Brother house tour video that was just shared.

Make sure to keep an eye out in the video below for the major change that the Big Brother house just underwent. It gives the house an entirely different look and feel, but it could also be a very surprising change to anyone who hadn’t heard the news yet.

More information on the return of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition

The first episode of the new season arrives on February 2, and it is the first of three episodes that debut in the first week. The whole season of episodes will air in February 2022, with special Friday night installments and an episode on Super Bowl Sunday as well.

There is a $250,000 prize on the line for the 11 celebrities who are playing the game and they also get an appearance fee for just playing the game this winter. It means they all have an incentive to be in the house, but also a reason to press hard to become the winner of BB Celeb.

Two seasons of the celebrity version of the show have been played in the United States and for Big Brother fans who want to check them out, those seasons can be streamed through Paramount+. It gives a good look at how things run a bit differently during the winter seasons than what takes place each summer in the house.

Buckle up everyone, because there are bound to be a lot of twists and turns as this new group of houseguests takes on the challenge. It’s possible that there is also a ringer in the midst because Todrick Hall is a huge Big Brother fan and he got a lot of tips from past houseguests before playing the game.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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