Celebrity Big Brother season has already started

New Julie Chen Moonves
Big Brother fans get to watch Julie Chen Moonves host another season of the show. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother season has started, with the celebrities entering the house and beginning to play the game.

Host Julie Chen Moonves revealed cast bios to Big Brother fans, giving everyone a fun tease before the official cast announcement was made by CBS.

Even though the first episode of Celebrity Big Brother 3 isn’t going to air until Wednesday, February 2, the executive producer just revealed that the new cast is already playing the game.

This bit of information may come as a shock to a lot of Big Brother fans, but it should give the show a lot of footage to use during the first few episodes.

Big Brother executive producer announces BB Celeb has begun

“The Celebs are in the house! The game is on and alliances are forming. Tune in February 2nd at 8/7 to see it all begin!” Allison Grodner just posted to social media.

Grodner is the Big Brother executive producer and one of the people behind the scenes who help put together seasons of the reality competition show.

February to be full of Celebrity Big Brother episodes

Not every season has a live move-in event, so it’s not too surprising that filming has begun a few days before the first episode is scheduled to air on CBS. What might be considered very surprising, though, is that we still have a week until that season premiere finally arrives.

The good news is that the Celebrity Big Brother TV schedule has three episodes during that first week, and there are even more episodes than that planned for the second week of the show. This means that Big Brother fans will get caught up and eventually the episodes will be live for the viewers.

There have already been a number of fans expressing their displeasure with the move-in taking place early and the Big Brother live feeds not getting turned on. Getting the celebrities tested and settled seems to have been of more importance than making everything live this winter.

Other Big Brother fans seem a tad frustrated that the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast list was still being held back at the time that Grodner made her post.

And then there are the fans who are just patiently waiting and hoping that the cast list is going to be a good one that provides a lot of drama and excitement during the season.

As for that cast list for the new season of BB Celeb, it’s possible that it comes out later in the evening on January 26 and it’s also possible that it all takes place during a new episode of The Amazing Race at 9/8c.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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2 years ago

Of course SEE-BS already started filming because they need extra time to edit and properly highlight the inevitable anti-white racism to ensue. Pathetic.