Ceaser’s ambition knows no limits as Black Ink Crew Season 5 premieres

Caeser on Black Ink Crew
Ceaser celebrates Roman style as he opens a new ship in the heart of Harlem

Black Ink Crew is back after the holiday break with a double-bill to mark the start of Season 5.

In the premiere Ceaser puts on a big party to open his new shop. The new place is on 125th, in the heart of Harlem, and Caeser pulls out all the stops to make the point that he has made it. Seated on a gold throne, he’s fed him grapes by some nubile women just like the Caesars of old.

Guests arrive at the new shop opening
Everyone gets dressed up for the grand opening

As the party gets going everyone has something to say about the shop, including Caeser’s fiancé Duchess who thinks he might have borrowed a few ideas from her own venture Pretty in Ink.

Also he announces that the shop on 113th will not close. His reasoning is that if he wants to really build a Black Ink empire then he cannot close one as he opens another. He decides to appoint Ted as the manager but this choice does not sit well with everyone.

Dutchess isn’t sure about Ted’s appointment, wondering if he brainwashed Ceaser or Bill Cosby’d him!

Later Donna loses it when she finds out that Max and his ex are not just history.

In the second episode airing tonight, O’S**t is back in Harlem under a new name and with a new squeeze; plus Teddy settled into his new role.

Catch Black Ink Crew – Hail Ceaser! at 8 PM and Teddy’s Playhouse at 9 PM, both on VH1.

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