Ceaser faces charges and community backlash on Black Ink Crew

Black Ink Crew
This party is over for Black Ink Crew as they get complaints in Atlanta

This week on Black Ink Crew there are dark clouds asgets accused of disturbing the peace and the local community sign a petition to have the Atlanta store shut down for good.

A party is in full swing in Atlanta with everyone enjoying themselves when the night is interrupted by some cops and city officials who tell Ceaser that he’s been charged with disturbance of the peace.  To make matters worse another guy appears with a big petition that has the signature of 400 local people who want the store shut down.

Ceasar Black Ink Crew
Ceaser finds it hard to break up on Black Ink Crew

Ceaser’s worries are not restricted to the law, he’s also having trouble with the women in his life and just does not seem able to break up with someone cleanly.

Bae also has some worrying news when her mom gets death threats from her dad.

Black Ink Crew airs Wednesday 9:00 PM on VH1.

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