Cassidy Timbrooks teases the identity of her friend with benefits

Cassidy Timbrooks keeps The Bachelor viewers on their toes about the identity of her friend with benefits. Pic credit: ABC

Cassidy Timbrooks recently got sent home on The Bachelor Season 26 after Clayton learned about her friend with benefits. 

The Bachelor viewers were left curious about who Cassidy’s mystery friend back home could be. Bachelor Nation star Connor Brennan even joked that the man in question is SNL comedian Pete Davidson. 

As some viewers buzz about the friend’s identity, Cassidy teased the identity in a recent amusing post. 

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Cassidy Timbrooks jokes about her side piece

Cassidy has been active on social media since debuting on The Bachelor Season 26 as she interacts with both her supporters and her intense critics. 

After disgracefully being sent home, Cassidy reshared a photo with a friend. 

The friend, who goes by Coll, originally shared the photo with Cassie and wrote, “Cass, how do we break the news to the world that I am the secret side piece waiting for you at home??” 

Cassidy got in on the joke and responded to her friend’s comment, writing, “I think this seems like a good enough way” with a kissing emoji. 

Cassidy Timbrooks and mystery man
Pic credit: @cassidytimbrooks/Instagram

Cassidy clarifies that Coll is just a friend 

While Cassidy teased Coll as her mystery friend with benefits, she later clarified that it was a joke and there was nothing romantic between her and Coll. 

Cassidy shared a message she received regarding the situation. The commenter’s message read, “Girl what the actual [censored],” adding, “I’m like I can’t tell if you’re joking at this point or really just don’t care.” 

Cassidy responded, “Instagram made me delete the screenshots of me confirming it was a joke because of bullying and harassment (it was me getting harassed but ok lol) but yes it’s a joke this man doesn’t date women.” 

Cassidy Timbrooks IG story
Pic credit: @cassidytimbrooks/Instagram

As Cassidy stated, Coll is gay, and his Instagram bio describes him as “just a gay searching for the best ice cream cone.” 

Clearly, a relationship with Coll and with Clayton is not in Cassidy’s future, especially after Cassidy slammed Clayton for sending her home while offering a rose to recently engaged contestant Salley Carson. 

Cassidy has had quite a bit of buzz surrounding her and a lot of “vitriolic” comments from people who strongly dislike her. She has been very vocal about her experience on The Bachelor and the aftermath.

Time will tell if and how she continues to be involved in the franchise. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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