Cassidy Timbrooks reacts to Connor Brennan’s joke about her friend with benefits being Pete Davidson

Connor Brennan smiles
Connor Brennan pokes fun at Cassidy Timbrook’s friend with benefits. Pic credit: ABC

Cassidy Timbrooks’ time on The Bachelor came to an abrupt end as she was outed for having a friend with benefits. 

With her villainous behavior on the show and her dramatically tearful exit, Bachelor Nation had a lot of hilarious responses to the whole situation. 

Even The Bachelorette Season 17 star Connor Brennan got in on the jokes. 

Cassidy caught wind of Connor’s teasing and shared her amused reaction. 

Connor Brennan jokes Cassidy Timbrook’s special friend is Pete Davidson 

Cassidy Timbrooks thought she had Clayton Echard wrapped around her finger after she received the first group date rose. 

However, after women in the house exposed Cassidy for having a man waiting for her back home, Clayton confronted her and despite initially lying about her situation, Cassidy eventually admitted to having a friend with benefits. 

Cassidy’s confession led Clayton to make the unprecedented decision to take her rose back and quickly send her packing.

The Bachelor viewers expressed curiosity as to who Cassidy’s friend with benefits could be and Connor Brennan joked that he had the answer. 

Taking to Twitter, Connor tweeted out a photo of actor and current unconventional Hollywood heartthrob Pete Davidson, writing, “the friend with benefits.” 

In pop culture, SNL actor Pete Davidson has built up a reputation of dating several high-profile celebrity women including being formerly engaged to Ariana Grande and currently dating Kim Kardashian. 

Pete Davidson’s star-studded dating history has led to several jokes across the internet, including in Connor Brennan’s tweet, that paints Davidson as the ultimate ladies man who can date anyone. 

Cassidy reacted to Connor Brennan’s tweet by sharing it on her Instagram stories and writing, “LMFAOOOOO [Connor Brennan] I’m losing my mind at this.” 

Both Cassidy and Connor seemed to take the joke and the situation in stride. 

Cassidy Timbrooks IG story
Pic credit: @cassidytimbrooks/Instagram

Cassidy Timbrooks receives hate after becoming a villain on The Bachelor 

While Connor’s lighthearted joke was all in good fun, Cassidy has not been well received by most others. 

After rubbing The Bachelor viewers the wrong way, Cassidy took to Instagram to share “vitriolic” DMs she’s received that range from harsh critique to downright disrespect as some viewers attack both her and her family. 

Now that Cassidy’s 15 minutes of fame are up on The Bachelor, time will tell how involved she remains with the franchise. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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