Cassidy Timbrooks doubles down on comments about her friend with benefits at the Women Tell All

Cassidy Timbrooks
Cassidy Timbrooks is unapologetic about her physical relationships. Pic credit: ABC

Cassidy Timbrooks returned for the recent Women Tell All and was given the opportunity to share more about her brief time on the show as well as her friend with benefits back home. 

Cassidy was quite candid and explicit as she explained her side of the story and discussed the man she was intimate with before coming on the show. 

Despite several of the women from the cast taking issue with Cassidy and her choices, Cassidy continued to double down on her statements on social media. 

Cassidy Timbrooks gets confronted for having a friend with benefits 

At the top of the Women Tell All, Cassidy Timbrooks was at the center of the drama considering she was one of the season’s early villains. 

When the subject of Cassidy’s friend with benefits came up, many of the women criticized her and suggested her ‘friend’ served as proof that she was not ready to be a wife and was perhaps not taking The Bachelor process seriously.

Cassidy defended her actions and expressed that her relationship with the mystery man was purely physical and if she were to fall in love with Clayton, she would have quickly cut contact with any other guy. 

Cassidy also expressed feeling that she was facing a lot of scrutiny due to the seemingly dated stigma around women having casual sex. 

However, some women from the cast made it clear that having sex was not the issue, but rather that Cassidy came on a show to find love while already having a man on standby. 

Cassidy Timbrooks ‘said what she said’ at the Women Tell All

Neither the women of the cast nor Cassidy were backing down on their viewpoints, leading Cassidy to further defend herself by blurting out a controversial statement admitting she wasn’t going to end it with her friend with benefits because “the d**k was good.” 

Cassidy expressed that she wasn’t going to give up the sexual relationship unless she was engaged, and after the show, Cassidy doubled down on her comments. 

Cassidy shared a short clip of her from the Women Tell All where she speaks of her friend with benefit’s nether regions, and she captioned the post, “sorry idc idc she said what the f**k she said.” 

Cassidy has continued to be outspoken about the double standards she believes are unfair when it comes to women and their sex lives, and it’s clear she’s unapologetic about her stance even despite the backlash and criticism. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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