Carl Radke opens up about drinking in moderation after being sober since last season of Summer House

Carl Radke during an episode of Watch What Happens Live
Carl Radke talks about his decision to drink in moderation during the new season of Summer House Pic credit: Bravo

During the pandemic, Carl Radke talked openly on social media about choosing to stay sober after several months of heavy drinking.

During season four of Summer House, Carl admitted that he spent more time drunk than he did sober. At one point, costars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula became concerned about his drinking when it started to affect his work with their beverage company Loverboy.

He shared that he had a turning point last year while out with friends when he was so drunk he couldn’t stay awake through dinner. He realized then that he needed to make a change and take his health back into control.

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After choosing sobriety for several months during quarantine, season five premiered last night and Carl opened up about attempting to drink in moderation.

Carl decides to drink in moderation

During an interview with Us Weekly, Carl discussed his decision to drink in moderation.

He said, “I went in this summer thinking moderation was going to be my friend. I felt really good about that. I will say, it’s hard being in the house with everybody and having all these different things going on.”

When the COVID-19 lockdown started, Carl began going to therapy and felt it was important to work on himself and his own mental health.

He struggled with the aftermath of his parent’s divorce, as well as the sudden loss of his brother. His brother overdosed after battling addiction and mental illness for several years.

In light of all of his set backs, Carl made the decision to prioritize his own well-being.

Carl advocates for mental health awareness after brother’s overdose

After his brother’s overdose, Carl made it a point to advocate for mental health awareness.

He posted an Instagram photo in October to promote a company called More Summer Fun, which as he described, “is all about maintaining warm vibes even during the ‘stormy’ seasons.”

He encouraged people to purchase products through the company as 50 percent of the proceeds would be donated to the Gaiser Addiction Center where his brother received treatment.

He also partnered with a nonprofit organization called Shatterproof, which is committed to reversing the addiction crisis.

As Carl continues to work on his own mental health, fans will be able to watch as he navigates the new season with a new approach to life.

Summer House airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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