Candiace Dillard does not want a relationship with Ashley Darby, says ‘I don’t find her genuine’

Candiace Dillard has no desire to be friends with Ashley Darby
Candiace Dillard talks friendship with Ashley Darby. Pic credit:@newyorklivetv/YouTube

Candiace Dillard is dishing about her rocky relationship with her Real Housewives of Potomac castmate Ashley Darby.

And it seems she has no plans to reconcile with her former friend.

During  Candiace’s first stint on the show, the two women bonded over their past lives as pageant queens, but as the season progressed, we started to see cracks in their friendship.

By Season 4, the friendship was over.

The ladies even got into a heated altercation during a cast dinner and Candice threatened Ashley with a butter knife. Since then, Candiace and Ashley have taken their feud to social media, trading nasty jabs back and forth.

This season, not much has improved, but the former beauty queens have at least tried to be cordial to each other.

However, things are getting heated once again, as Ashley seems to have drawn a line in the sand by taking Monique Samuels’ side in the fight between Candiace and Monique.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Candiace talked about where she now stands in her friendship with Ashley.

Candiace says Ashley does not have a soul

During the video chat, Candiace delved into the most talked-about moment of Season 5–her fight with Monique.

Ashley, of course, was brought up. Candiace discussed how Ashley has obviously taken sides despite not even witnessing the fight for herself.

The yoga enthusiast was actually in the bathroom when the fight broke out between the two RHOP co-stars.

But Ashley immediately had Monique’s back, even blaming Candiace for instigating the fight.

In response to where she now stands with her former friend, Candiace admitted, “There isn’t a whole lot I have to say about Ashley…she’s not a person I have any interest in having a relationship with.”

“I don’t find her to be genuine,” she added. “I don’t find her to be someone who has a soul. She’s just, she moves in a particular way that does not work for me. And I really have nothing to say about her. I wish her well, I suppose.”

Candiace says Ashley is Ynot my people”

Despite not wanting a friendship with Ashley, Candiace admitted that she really doesn’t have an issue working alongside her.

Unlike Monique Samuels, who Candiace says she does not want to work with, Candiace seems somewhat okay with being around Ashley.

“Ashley is not someone that I fear for my safety around,” the three-season alum quipped.

“She’s not someone who I’m so disgusted by that I can’t be in the same room as her. I just have no interest in having a relationship with her. She’s not my people, so that’s Ashley.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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