Cameran Eubanks says Rebecca Leigh Wash cheating rumors are nonsense, husband Jason Wimberly is faithful

Cameran Eubanks on Southern Charm.
Cameran Eubanks is standing behind Jason Wimberly. Pic credit: Bravo

Cameran Eubanks is leaving Southern Charm for good amid rumors that her marriage to Jason Wimberly is troubled. The reality star revealed her exit from the show after six seasons.

Following the confirmation that Cameran wouldn’t be returning to Southern Charm, rumblings began about her private life.

Eubanks denies that her marriage is on the rocks and that her husband, Jason Wimberly cheated.

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Southern Charm star defends husband

Late last night, Cameran Eubanks shared a lengthy post on Instagram.

She revealed that she had intended to release a statement on her Southern Charm departure that was kind, but after the stories in the press about her marriage, she had to come out with something different.

The Southern Charm star is defending her husband, Jason Wimberly.

Cameran called her husband both sincere and faithful, revealing that she is refuting the accusations that she left the show because of his infidelity. She went on to say he is being falsely dragged into this when the reason for departure had nothing to do with him.

What is circulating about Jason Wimberly?

Yesterday, All About the Tea put out an exclusive report that the woman in question with regards to Jason Wimberly is Rebecca Leigh Wash.

They went into details about how long the two have allegedly been together, revealing that Kathryn Dennis was reportedly the cast member who filmed about the affair.

The publication revealed that the source said Cameran Eubanks knew about Jason Wimberly and Rebecca Leigh Wash.

The couple had reportedly been seen together out and about in Charleston. The Southern Charm star was dealing with it off-camera.

There is some speculation that this incident had something to do with the Southern Charm filming issue.

Typically, there is a new season airing around this point in the Bravo schedule, but production was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it remains suspended.

At this point, Cameran Eubanks denies that Jason Wimberly had an affair. She continues to say that he is innocent of the accusations being thrown at him.

Cameran insists that she gave notice to Bravo months ago about her decision not to return to Southern Charm and that these rumors have nothing to do with her departure.

It appears Cameran Eubanks and Jason Wimberly will work through these alleged lies regarding their marriage and continue to raise their baby girl together.

Southern Charm is no more for the couple, and now, they can ease back into normal life.

Southern Charm is currently in production but filming has been halted indefinitely.

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