Briana DeJesus says Luis Hernandez is ‘MIA’ after Teen Mom 2 fans slam her for Devoin Austin criticism

Briana and Luis on Teen Mom 2
Briana DeJesus says Luis Hernandez is “MIA.” Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus tweeted along with Teen Mom 2 last week and revealed that her second baby daddy, Luis Hernandez, is “MIA.”

After she was called out for riding Devoin Austin and not Luis, Briana made it clear that because Stella’s dad wasn’t around, Nova’s dad was taking all of the heat.

Things have changed a lot since she joined the show, and the effort made by Devoin doesn’t go unnoticed by Teen Mom 2 viewers.

Where is Luis Hernandez?

This season of Teen Mom 2 showed Briana DeJesus looking to reconnect with Luis Hernandez for the sake of her daughter.

She ended up seeing him at a club and the two slept together a couple of times. Unfortunately, he was also sleeping with others and Briana contracted an STD from being with him. All of it played out on camera, which wasn’t a good look.

Now, Briana wants both Luis and Devoin Austin to step up for her girls and talked to them both about it. There’s just one problem, though. Luis Hernandez is “MIA” according to his baby mama.

She said, in part, “Lmao Luis is MIA. Haven’t heard from him, seen him, idk if he’s even alive. [laughing emoji].”

Briana DeJesus' tweet about Luis.
Pic credit: @xobrianadej/Twitter

It was in response to a fan calling her out for always being on Devoin’s neck regarding Nova but not calling out Luis for his absence.

What’s next for Briana DeJesus?

With the Teen Mom 2 season finale this week, there is still a lot ahead for Briana DeJesus. The reunion was filmed a few weeks back, and that is when everyone found out that Chelsea Houska was done with the show and would be walking away.

There has also been plenty of back and forth with Devoin Austin on social media. From him leaking her phone number on texts that were screenshotted to him calling out the show for editing things, it has been a wild ride.

Based on the tweets Briana sent out last week, it doesn’t appear that finding Luis Hernandez is a priority for her. He isn’t making an effort for his daughter so her focus is going to be on the one who is attempting to be a dad, even if she has gripes and complaints about him all of the time.

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